He also started investing in property and sowed the seeds of Green Property, one of Ireland’s largest real estate business. Paddy Power was a response to the

A 23-year-old guy who is average in academics and hasn’t found out what he wants to do with his life yet – what would your advice be to such a person so that he becomes a successful businessman?

“Entrepreneur VS Businessman”……..

Have you ever wondered what the difference between these two is??
An entrepreneur is a powerful engine to inflate the growth of an economy. An entrepreneur is a blend of logical and intuitive mind whereas a businessman purely has a logical mind.
Oftenly the terms businessman and entrepreneur are considered analogous but there exist a very thin line difference between the two.
Businessman is a Missionary’ whereas an ‘Entrepreneur is a Visionary’
Let us throw some light on it…..

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Ujjwal Chugh – “Entrepreneur VS Businessman”…….. Have you…