In December 1984, real estate mogul Donald Trump outlined a grand vision for what he dubbed “the greatest piece of land in urban America” — a 76-acre parcel

What started the decades-long feud between Morrissey of The Smiths and Robert Smith of The Cure?

The Face magazine interviewed Morrissey and asked out of Mark E Smith and Robert Smith, which one would he shoot first. He responded by saying he’d line them up so one bullet would penetrate both simultaneously. In the same interview he called Smith a whingebag, admitted he’d never liked The Cure and accused Smith of starting to wear beads and being photographed with flowers around the time The Smiths emerged, inferring he’d stolen that look from them.

Five years later in the NME, Morrissey stated that The Cure gave “a new dimension to the word crap”.

All of that certainly got the ball rolling