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What business can I start with INR 100000 amount of capital in Delhi/India?

I have shortlisted 3 extremely profitable business ideas in Delhi after analysing more than 100 business ideas.

1. Game parlour business ideas in Delhi

PUBG PUBG PUBG. you must be familiar with this exciting name. This single game revolutionised the gaming industry ( especially in India).

People in India want to play more game like this. but due to low specification smartphone, and pc they cannot play it.

so many time they killed by the enemy just because of lagging, and freezing of screen due to low specs.

even some people have a good smartphone but they suffer problem due to bad PING.

2. Tea shop

You may think its very low profitable business. Let me clear it. Can you guess how much money a tea shop in the main market earns per month?

take your time.

Now, I will tell you the correct estimate. Tea shop owner earns more than Rs 40,000 easily in tier 3 cities in the main market.

Yes, it’s real. If you do not believe just check how many cups they sold daily.

Now do some calculation.

For making one cup of tea it cost around Rs 1.5 assuming tea shop owner purchase all ingredients from wholesale.

and selling price of tea is around Rs 5 to 10.

if he sells more than 380 cups daily at a price of Rs 5 then his profit is above Rs 40,000 as I mentioned above.

but in reality, he sells more than 400 cups easily.

3. Medicine store business In Delhi

Pharmacy is one of the fastest growing industries in India. This business can run pretty well in any residential area also. In this business, you have to maintain hygiene properly.

always put in a stock of those medicines which are seasonal before starting of that particular season.

for eg when you know winter is coming, due to seasonal changes most people suffer from cold.

Let’s talk about margin.

There some category in it.

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