Motivation comes from the YouTube success stories, and one of those stories is Graham Stephan, a real estate agent who made well over $100,000 in just one

How do I become a real estate agent in London, UK?

You don’t necessarily need a degree to start work as an estate agent. A confident, outgoing personality as well as enthusiasm, drive and a head for numbers might be the very qualities that could land you the job. However, as with many positions, some relevant experience or an appropriate degree can put you that bit ahead of other candidates for the same role.

A Qualification In Business Or Management Studies would be beneficial, and for the more top-end agencies or senior positions qualifications in surveying, urban studies, land studies and land management (particularly for rural estate and land management agencies), structural and civil engineering or estate management could lead to better paying jobs with more responsibility.

You should also take into consideration that estate agents are increasingly using the internet as sales platform. Being more than competent in using CMS (content management systems), SMS updates, virtual tours and digital photography will be regarded as very attractive attributes in terms of employability. Although you may receive training in this area on the job, having the IT skills beforehand will definitely be of great benefit.

Another consideration you should make if thinking about changing career to become an estate agent is the legislation that is involved in the job. There have been increases in the amounts of regulation and legislation involved in the sale of a home, and as an estate agent you will also be required to liaise with other professionals such as solicitors and surveyors, and acquire an understanding of certain legal procedures and aspects of the law.

In Scotland a solicitor will manage the majority of the sale, however, in England and Wales, unless the estate agent is a qualified chartered surveyor, there will be a lot of communication with other parties, so your Organisational And Communication Skills must be excellent.