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Which is a better market for investing in real estate, Dubai or Singapore?

The Dubai property investment market has seen changes in 2018, with the introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UAE, as well as the anticipation of the Expo 2020. Let’s dig into some interesting facts on how Dubai is better for investing in real estate than Singapore!


Dubai’s property investment market has been stabilizing since 2017.

However, due to the introduction of VAT, developers may be affected with added costs on construction materials and other service transactions. Price performance will vary across Dubai according to the location. Areas with more supply than others will see relaxed prices.


Growing Economy Will Benefit Property Investments in Dubai. Property investment in Dubai is generally increasing, which is an optimistic factor for real estate investors and buyers alike.


A prominent trend in the Dubai property investment market is affordability, as reflected in 2017.

Some properties cost more than others, often due to the size and location. Therefore, the market is seeing many first-time buyers, attracted to smaller property units due to the affordability factor.

Developers are complementing this trend by building smaller units and offering achievable payment plans to suit anyone’s needs– specially tailored for first-time buyers.

Transactions with middle-income earners are strong and expected to continue growing.

Real estate market  The market currently is looking good in Dubai compare to Singapore which means this is the perfect time for a house. Even though there is a slight downfall in the stock market, but that has reduced the prices in the real estate world making luxury houses, villas, and mansions at a lower rate. With good savings in hand, you will be able to make one of the hottest properties in Dubai your own.

A promise of growth

Dubai is a land of opportunities and the growth it has witnessed is remarkable. With the continued growth comes a promise of benefits that Investors have realised over the years. Factors including Expo 2020, the continued growth of the tourism and other sectors, continued influx of people and the forward-thinking economy is what investors are looking to prop up demand for commercial and residential property and keep the market prolific for medium- and long-term investments.

The fact that the UAE is the most politically stable country in the region and enjoys the status of a ‘safe haven’ will keep investments flowing in, and Investors will love to continue being on top of the list. To know more about the Investment Market in Dubai head over to this link: Why Investors are Crazy over Dubai Investment Market | ⚡