Chicago recently elected six socialists to its city council. One organizer explains how they won: by going after the real-estate developers that are gentrifying the

Why did Chuck Schumer want to take the conversation private while Trump wanted to keep talking in front of the camera? Isn’t that a lack of transparency?

Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit?

It’s not a lack of transparency when the plaintiff, the defendant, and their lawyers hold private meetings in order to hammer out a settlement. It’s realization of the fact that when people have an audience, they’re more likely to play to the audience by taking a hardline position and not budging from it.

Nobody gets everything they want in a settlement, but everybody gets part of what they want. In his pre-People’s Court days, Judge Joseph Wapner would pass out fortune cookies with the message, “Lean settlement better than fat lawsuit.”

Schumer and Pelosi are veterans of many conferences, not to resolve lawsuits but to advance legislation. They were actually trying to help Trump by suggesting he close their meeting to the press. Instead, he insisted on chewing the scenery, with the result that almost everyone agrees that he looked like a fool. Even John Cornyn, the Texas senator who is Mitch McConnell’s second in command as majority leader, said he wished the meeting hadn’t happened.

Trump has not learned that he can’t behave as president the way he did as a real estate developer in New York. Bullying, threatening, and daring disgruntled contractors to sue him worked there if you overlook the fact that it made him lasting enemies, but it doesn’t work in Washington.