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Can you write something that will fundamentally change how I see the world?

Last week I visited Chichen-Itzá, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2007 voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

This archeological treasure is found in the state of Yucatan, Mexico, very near the famous tourist area of Cancun. It’s estimated that over 2.6 million people visited the Chichen-Itzá in 2017… it’s a very busy place!

I found people from all over the world, many from Europe and USA, all of them with plenty of money to buy anything. Everything in Mexico feels cheap for them because of the purchase power of their currency.

Now, to answer your question, “Can you write something that will fundamentally change how I see the world?”

Yes, I will change how you see selling.

I’m still impacted by what I saw. Thousands of tents located all around the area trying to sell to tourists.

As I walked along the dirt road, all I could hear was the salesperson saying, “One dollar! Take one! Everything for one dollar!”

Several times I heard people saying, “One dollar, almost free!” Yet, very few people purchased stuff.

There were several amazing pieces of art like this man making objects carved in wood and painted with local flower tint.

But, these were more expensive, around $50 to $100 dollars, and the vendors struggled to sell their goods.


We used to live in a world of scarcity. We were easily attracted by material things, but now we live in a world of abundance and we have changed as consumers.

Where’s the value in those things that these local people were selling?

It’s not the object. It’s not the usability of the object. It’s not luxury. They’re selling a souvenir, a token of remembrance of the place.

It’s hard to sell stuff. These people struggle daily to make a living. Poverty is widespread in the area even though these people live in a place that attracts millions of tourists a year… all of them with money!

What is it that the people who visit Chichen-Itzá search for? What are they willing to pay top dollar for?

Not things! As consumers we don’t buy things anymore, we buy an experience or a solution.

We don’t buy shoes. Most of us take shoes for granted. We buy comfort or fashion.

We don’t buy food, we buy nutrition or pay top dollar for an experience with food.

Tourists pay for adventure, to explore the world, to experience the place. People like Efrain, our private guide, make top dollar, but he sells information, knowledge, stories and insights.

Can you sense how we have changed as consumers?

It’s NOT your real estate location nor the quality of your product. It’s NOT your degree, not your grades. Nobody cares!

All we care about as consumers is the value we receive from whatever you are offering.

Sellers don’t have the power anymore, consumers do, and if we want to make a good living in this world, we must understand what our buyers are really searching for.

Not answering this question will lead to financial struggles in this New Economy of abundance.