The Fort Worth-based real estate firm said it has raised $250 million for its second investment fund, which will purchase and develop properties in major markets.

List of Venture Capital Funds in the UK

A complete list of UK Venture capital funds with their targeting criteria, investment levels, portfolio companies and contact information

It is crucial to carefully research any VC firm before approaching it for funds. Also, you want to make sure you’re at a pitchable stage of your business. VCs provide a support network and financial capital for early-stage businesses – typically high-risk companies but with scope for extensive growth. Investments are often made in high-technology companies specialising in pure technology or life sciences.

Venture capitalists seek to generate profit by investing early in startup businesses and seeing enormous returns if the company goes for initial public offering or is privately sold. In effect, VC funding is little more than private equity. The most prominent investors are prolific and well-known industry leaders throughout the UK. They also account for a substantial amount of all investments in new businesses.

List of early and mid-stage venture capital funds

London Venture Partners

LVP invests exclusively in online, social, mobile and tablet games. They’ve built their entire team and expertise specifically for this sector. In other words – they know the game industry well, and you should probably speak to them if that’s your thing.

Location / Targeting: London / London

Investment Level: Not specified, but they do everything from pre-seed funding to Series A, so we guess 20k up to a few million.

Portfolio Companies: Omnidrone, Unity, Playraven. Full Portfolio here.

SPARK Ventures

SPARK looks to invest in TMT (technology, media and telecom) and healthcare businesses in the UK with disruptive business models. They do a lot of early-stage deals but can and have invested at any stage.

Location / Targeting: London / UK

Investment Level: £500k – £2m with subsequent follow-up funding.

Portfolio Companies: Firebox, Mind Candy. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: All contacts and emails listed here.

EC1 Capital

EC1 Capital invest in mobile and web technology companies. They invest across the full spectrum including Seed, Bridging and Series A. They also have these awesome Open Office hours, where anybody can book a slot to pitch or get advice.

Location / Targeting: London / London, Dublin, Edinburgh

Investment Level: Seed & bridging – up to £200k (syndicated up to £1m). Series A – £200k to £1m.

Portfolio Companies: Lifecake, Toothpick, evvnt.

Connect ventures

Connect Ventures is an early-stage VC firm helping founders built product-centric startups, from finding the right market fit to scaling their efforts. They limit their investments on their own areas of expertise, which include mobile, Internet and digital media businesses. Although mainly investing in European startups, they do understand that some of their companies are likely to move to the US as they grow.

Location / Targeting: London / Europe

Investment Level: £300K-£600k. They don’t mind investing alongside other VCs and generally, keep some cash in reserve so they can participate in follow-up rounds.

Portfolio Companies: Boiler Room, Soldo, Unmade. Full portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: You can find their address on the site. The team prefers if you reach out either via their network or directly to one of them.

Beacon Capital

Beacon Capital previously known as AngelLab, Beacon’s main focus is on B2B, SaaS-based business models. Typically reluctant to get invest outside of their core themes, they’ll do so only if there’s an ‘exceptionally strong reason to do so’. Interestingly enough, apart from the company’s ability to demonstrate traction, they also expect the CTO to be a significant stakeholder in the company if they are to get involved.

Location / Targeting: London / UK

Targeting: SaaS, E-commerce, Online marketplaces

Investment Level: £200k – £2m

Portfolio Companies: Adbrain, Azimo, Flypay, MOVE Guides, Seedrs, Shopa. See website for full portfolio.

Contact/Apply: You can contact Beacon Capital here.

Pentech Ventures

Pentech invests in technology companies that are disrupting social media, e-commerce, digital media, mobile, SaaS and more. In other words, they like their tech and they’re all about opportunity. If you have a rock-solid team and a technical product in an interesting space, check these guys out.

Location / Targeting: London, Edinburgh / UK, Ireland

Investment Level: £500k – £4m

Portfolio Companies: Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: You’ll find all the contact info on this link.


Episode1 is a no-frills investor focusing on seed and early stage investment. It is one of the UK Government’s Enterprise Capital Funds – set up to support fund managers who invest in small, high-growth, software-driven businesses. With Episode1, entrepreneurs have the chance to turn their UK-based software businesses into fast-scaling companies built to grow into significant and valuable entities.

Location / Targeting: London / UK

Investment Level: £0.25m to £1m in rounds of up to £2m.

Portfolio Companies: Touch Surgery, Global App Testing, CarWow – you can see a full list of their portfolio companies on their portfolio page here.

Contact/Apply: Episode1 has a straightforward, user-friendly form. Fill it in so you can have a chat with the team during one of their Open Office events. You can also e-mailthem, or visit their contact page.

Pro founders Capital

Pro founders are a VC fund powered by entrepreneurs. Their investors and principles have built some of Europe’s most successful companies including | Book cheap last minute travel deals, Bebo and TopTable. They’re looking for capital efficient early stage tech & digital media companies.

Location / Targeting: London / Europe

Investment Level: £500k – £2.5m with the scope to support follow-on funding.

Portfolio Companies:, TweetDeck, easyCar.

Contact/Apply: All contact details can be found on their site.

Passion Capital

Passion Capital is a tech-focused investment firm with a pretty impressive portfolio. They haven’t been around long but having been set up by the first angel investor in | Play music, find songs, and discover artists, they’ve taken off pretty damn quickly.

Location / Targeting: London / UK

Investment Level: 250K+

Portfolio Companies: adzuna, DueDil, Thread. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: They occasionally hold Open Office hours which are announced on their Twitter page and can be contacted via individual emails (not provided on the site). However, an intro through a mutual connection is preferred.

MMC Ventures

MMC state on their website that they do not invest in startups, they also avoid capital intensive businesses so if you’re either of those things look away now. MMC want fast growing businesses with commercial traction and growing revenues particularly in media internet, financial services and software.

Location / Targeting: London / UK

Investment Level: £500k – £4m

Portfolio Companies: Bottica, LoveHomeSwap. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: All contact details can be found here.

Hoxton Ventures

Hoxton Ventures are a $40,000,000 early stage/seed investment company, investing in technology (internet and software) across any country that sings in the Eurovision contest. Investing mid-length (7-10 years), Hoxton are prepared to help back the company for a large portion of its early life.

Location / Targeting: London / Europe

Investment Level: $250,000 – $2,000,000 seed and early stage investment.

Portfolio Companies: Numerai, Andela

Contact/Apply: You could E-mail them your completed business plan, or visit the bottom of any page on their website here.

Initial Capital

Initial Capital is a seed and early-stage investment company specialising in consumer services, mobile software and games. They have offices in London and Silicon Valley, and will not just try to help you by investing money, but also by finding the best possible team for you and your product.

Location / Targeting: UK, Europe and U.S.A.

Investment Level: Amount on application

Portfolio Companies: Super Evil MegaCorp, Supercell , App Gyver – you can see a full list of their portfolio companies on their main web page.

Contact/Apply: If you have a business idea that fits one of their core themes, they’d love to hear from you. Here’s their e-mail.

Supremum Capital

With offices in both London and Moscow, Supremum Capital focuses on seed investments in FinTech, Internet and Real Estate sectors, and provides advisory services to their portfolio companies. If you’re trying to break into the CIS region, Supremum also boasts access to a wide network of investors and entrepreneurs within Europe and Russia.

Location / Targeting: London / Europe & Russia

Investment Level: Unspecified; the VC firm sources capital from a variety of places, including banks, high net worth individuals and private equity funds.

Portfolio Companies: Atosho, Inplat, Webbankir. More from their portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Their contact page provides information about both their London and Moscow office.

Ariadne Capital

Ariadne Capital act as both advisors and investors, together or independently of each other. They’ve had a hand in many successful companies including Skype and Monitise. From an investment perspective, they’re targeting B2B tech startups focused on industries like health, transportation and financial services.

Location / Targeting: London / UK

Investment Level: £250k – £1m

Portfolio Companies: Quill, Clickslide. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details here.

Anthemis Group

Anthemis Group is a venture investment and advisory firm, focused on startups trying to reinvent the financial sector for the digital world. The team has invested worldwide, most notably within UK and Europe, for a current total tally of 31 companies. They limit their investments to a variety of FinTech sectors, including retail and corporate banking, consumer finance, payments, insurance and risk management and more.

Location / Targeting: London / Global

Investment Level: Unspecified; the team participates in both seed, early and late-stage investments.

Portfolio Companies: Betterment, eShares, Seedcamp.

Contact/Apply: For the Group’s contact information, head over to their contact page.

Crescent Capital

Originally founded in 1996, the Crescent Capitalfocuses on empowering Northern Ireland-based companies, predominantly those operating within the IT, manufacturing and life science sectors. One of the company’s executives typically joins the investee’s board, acting as a non-executive director.

Location / Targeting: Northern Ireland / UK

Investment Level: £450k-£1.2m initially, with a limit of £3m per company across all funding rounds. The VC fund tends to exit their investment within 5-7 years.

Portfolio Companies: Analytics Engines, Nisoft, Speech Storm. A portfolio of their current, realised and past investments can be found here.

Mercia Fund Managers

Established in 2010 as a result of a successful management buyout of WM Enterprise, Mercia Fund Managers is a hands-on VC firm operating a $22 million fund. The Fund provides growth capital for early-stage ventures that have demonstrated some commercial traction, as well as post-investment support, including an incubator accommodation at Forward House.

Location / Targeting: UK / UK

Investment Level: The MFM typically invests between 50k and 250k initially, with potential follow-up funding in subsequent rounds (an overall limit is £1 million per company).

Portfolio Companies: Crowd Reactive, Kwanji, Sarissa Biomedical. More of their investees here.

Contact/Apply: The MFM website provides contact details for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Par Equity

Par Equity is a Scottish-based hands-on investment fund. By working with an advisory board of successful entrepreneurs and investors, they aim to bring a wealth of knowledge under the ‘Par Umbrella’, helping you unlock your entrepreneurial potential. As if they didn’t have enough on their plate, Par Equity also provide an Angel Syndicate.

Location / Targeting: Scotland / UK

Investment Level: Unspecified seed and early-stage investments for small to medium-sized businesses.

Portfolio: Covec, miiCard, KILTR – a full list can be seen here.

Contact/Apply: Par Equity have clear submission guidelines listed on the site. If your company’s shoe fits, you can submit your application for initial review. They also have a handy web form for general inquiries and other contact details here.

Ballpark Ventures

Ballpark Ventures are a small, personal London-based investment fund that invest their own money into seed and early-stage start ups. Primarily focusing on media, retail and technology, given their expertise in the field(s).

Location / Targeting: UK / UK

Investment Level: Unspecified Seed and Series A funding.

Portfolio Companies: Borro, Zopa, Bullion Vault – a full list can be found here.

Contact/Apply: The only way to pique their interest at the moment is via a trusted third-party referral. In their own words: ‘Find someone we know and respect, tell them about your company and ask them to recommend that we take a look. It’s that simple.’

JamJar Investments

JamJar Investments are the guys behind Innocent (a huge do-good, feel-good drinks company in the UK). Bringing these principles to the VC world, they aim to help bring your company up from an initial base to a major organisation, with your customers at the forefront. Backing consumer-based companies with both offline and online services.

Location / Targeting: UK / UK

Investment Level: Seed, early and later-stage funding from £150,000 – £1,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Graze, Toucan Box, Pop Chips.

Contact/Apply: The folks at JamJar were cool enough to provide you with a clear set of investment criteria and a handy guide on exactly how to pitch them. Once you read that, you can apply on their contact page here.

White Star Capital

White Star Capital (not to get confused with White Star Investments), are a seed and early-stage investment company for digital and mobile technology startups. With worldwide connections, they can help your company go global.

Location / Targeting: London / Europe & America

Investment Level: Seed and early-stage funding from $500k to $5m.

Portfolio Companies: Key Me, DICE, Dollar Shave Club – a full list can be seen here.

Contact/Apply: Their Team page has each investor’s individual as well as company contact details.


Catering to all UK startups, with a particular bias towards Cambridge and East Anglia, Martlet provides small sums of capital to high-tech startups, typically involved with software, electronics, HealthTech and similar. The angels focus on businesses with at least some form of market defensibility, with high ambitions for growth. Other than capital, they pledge their support, expertise and valuable contacts.

Location: Cambridge Targeting: UK

Investment Level: £10K to £100K of initial seed funding; Martlet almost always co-invests with other funds and private investors, with a follow-up potential in later investment rounds.

Portfolio Companies: Converge, Repositive, Artfinder. Check out their complete portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: There’s a simple application form for startups to fill on their website.

Conduit Ventures

With offices in both London and Shanghai, Conduit Ventures manage two separate funds and sources most of their capital from industrial groups, institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds. They specialise in high-efficiency energy generation and storage, particularly focusing on low-carbon tech, fuel cells, hydrogen and more.

Location: London Targeting: OECD and select Asian countries

Investment Level: Not specified; the fund is neutral when it comes to the investment stage, and will consider both early and late-stage investment opportunities.

Portfolio Companies: Heliocentris, Protonex, Walfuel. Check out more of their portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: They have a detailed contact page with information on both of their offices.

Lean Investments

Lean Investments are a seed and early stage no-nonsense investment company. Investing in technology and internet while differentiating with a personalised approach.

Location: London Targeting: UK | Europe

Investment Level: Target investment is £500K out of a £1m round, where they lead the financing, set the terms, find and bring in co-investors, and take a board seat.

Portfolio Companies: You can check out Lean’s active investments on their home page.

Contact/Apply: They have a very simple pitch form that you need to fill.

Sussex Place Ventures

Sussex place ventures are a London-based venture capital firm, focusing on information technology and businesses with patent-protected tech. With close ties to the London Business School, they ought to know the right people to put you in contact with.

Location: London, UK Targeting: UK

Investment Level: up to £1,000,000 in seed and early stage funding. They also like to follow their money and invest more over the company’s lifetime.

Portfolio Companies: Sine Wave Entertainment, Infinitesima, Skimlinks – the complete list is available here.

Contact/Apply: Their contact details are featured in the upper right corner of every page. In case you missed it, there’s also a separate contact page.


SaatchInvest are a team of 4 early-stage investors with a very simple ethos – they want to back ‘great entrepreneurs’. SaatchInvest help products get to market quicker by investing in micro VC stage.

Location: London, England Targeting: UK

Investment Level: typically £100-£300k per deal, seed and early stage investment.

Portfolio Companies: Evrythng, TouchCast, Hatch – you can see a full list of their portfolio companies on their website.

Contact/Apply: You can e-mail them, or check out the map to their HQ on the bottom of the site. If you have a prototype that you can send over, they don’t mind playing with it.

Forward Partners

Forward Partners is a relatively new VC team established in late 2013 and based in London. That being said, they’ve already invested in some pretty exciting companies. Forward partners specialise in helping eCommerce platforms dominate their niche.

Location: London Targeting: UK

Investment Level: Incubators, seed level support and funding.

Portfolio Companies: Appear Here, Lexoo, Lost My Name.

Contact/Apply: ‘Get in Touch’ form can be here.

Longwall Ventures

Based in the village of Harwell in Oxford, Longwall Venture Partners currently manage two funds – their own £40m enterprise capital fund, along with an additional £30m Oxford Technology capital fund. Focusing on healthcare, engineering and science start-ups.

Location: Oxford Targeting: UK

Investment Level: Seed and Early-stage investment.

Portfolio: Crysalin, Ibexis, MicroVisc – a full list can be seen here.

Contact/Apply: There is a contact form here, or more contact details can be found here.

Frontline Ventures

Frontline Ventures is a London and Dublin-based early-stage fund with a focus on seed and Series A internet/software companies.

Location: London Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: 100K – 2.5M EU

Portfolio Companies: CurrencyFair, Boxever, Orchestrate, Drop, Logentries, Qstream, Boxfish

Contact/Apply: All contact details can be found here.

Wellington Partners

Wellington Partners focuses on digital media and butt-based software. They have an amazing portfolio and operate all over the world.

Location: London, Munich, Zurich, Palo AltoTargeting: Worldwide

Investment Level: Not specified but they do Seed all the way through to Series A.

Portfolio Companies: HailO, Dropbox, importio. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Send your exec summary here.

EcoMachines Ventures

EcoMachines Ventures is a London-based VC fund that makes seed and follow-on investments in innovative pan-European B2B hardware companies. They foster the development of world-class technology in the energy, transport, circular economy, smart city and industrial high-tech sectors.

Location: London, England Targeting: UK, Europe, CIS, Israel

Investment Level: They invest up to £500K at the seed stage and up to £2m for mid/later stage investments

Portfolio Companies: Recycling Technologies, Q-Bot, NIS, Rotary EcoMachines, PDE, Autorose.

Contact/Apply: Contact the team here.

Playfair Capital

Playfair Capital are a London-based firm which backs technology and consumer based start-ups as an early stage investor. As well as running a co-working space in London, which they house more than ten early stage startups, as well as the London base of the Techstars accelerator programme.

Location: London, England Targeting: UK, Europe, USA and Africa

Investment Level: £30,00 – £300,000 seed and early stage investment with an average of £100,000.

Portfolio Companies: DueDil, Mixlr, F6S – you can see a full list of their portfolio companies on their main webpage here.

Contact/Apply: Playfair have a wonderful ‘Pitch Us’ page, which allows you to use one of the companies they’ve invested in to submit your business plan. Alternatively you could E-Mail them, or fill in a handy little webform on the bottom of any page.

List of late stage venture capital funds

Scottish Equity Partners (SEP)

Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) backs the best high growth technology businesses across the UK & Ireland and beyond. It has €1 billion under management and one of the longest and strongest venture capital track records in Europe having invested in over 150 companies over the last 20 years.

Location: Glasgow, London, EdinburghTargeting: UK

Investment Level: Up to £20m

Portfolio Companies: You can find the full portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: SEP has a user-friendly contact form that you can find here.

Notion Capital

Notion is a VC firm focussing on B2B Butt and SaaS companies from Seed to Series A. Notion are specifically seeking out companies with exceptional teams who are solving massive problems.

Location: London, New York Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: Series A+

Portfolio Companies: Shutl, Duedil, shopa. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Ping an email over to

MVM Life Science Partners LLP

MVM invest in emerging healthcare companies since 1998. Managing funds totaling over $600 million. Focus on venture capital & growth equity investments. Investment team of seven people located in London and Boston. MVM has invested in biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, drug delivery, gene therapy, healthcare IT, healthcare services, medical devices, medical imaging, OTC medicines, research tools and vaccines.

Location: London, Boston Targeting: Europe, America

Investment Level: $5-20m

Portfolio Companies: Exits include BioVex, Aegerion, Momenta, PregLem, Domantis. Active portfolio listed here.

Contact/Apply: You can contact Hugo Harrod at for UK investments.

Augmentum Capital

Augmentum Capital was formed in London in 2009 where Jacob Rothschild and family were substantial investors. They typically back early and late stage ventures, but want to stay with the business for as long as possible.

Location: London, England Targeting: UK

Investment Level: Mid and later stage, between £3,000,000 and £20,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Borro, Zopa, Bullion Vault – a full list can be found here.

Contact/Apply: Their contact page is here.

Altitude Partners

Altitude is a specialist regional investor, with a limited focus on businesses thriving in Southern England. They have no stringent criteria when it comes to their investee’s current stage and success, although they do look for some level of defensibility, stable management teams and high qualities of earnings. They don’t discriminate against any particular sector, but don’t invest in start-up businesses or small management buy-ins.

Location: Southampton Targeting: Southern England

Investment Level:. Up to £3m in established businesses. Investments are typically a combination of equity and debt.

Portfolio Companies: Chameleon Worldwide Travel, The Care Division, Gradwell. No full portfolio specified.

Mosaic Ventures

Mosaic Ventures is a $140 million fund focused on Series A funding. To date, they have invested in over 70 companies across 10 different countries. They focus on several key areas, including marketplaces, SaaS for SMEs, next-gen finance and payments, analytics, education, health and bitcoins. They invest in ~10 companies a year.

Location: London Targeting: Europe, US

Investment Level: Unspecified Series A funding.

Portfolio Companies: Blockchain, Number Four, Guevara. Full portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: You can find the contact details on their website, along with the social media details of each of their team members.

Eight Roads Ventures (Formerly Fidelity Growth Partners Europe)

Eight Roads are looking for fast growing European tech businesses with aspirations of greatness. They want companies with an addressable market size in excess of €100m growing 20% year on year and they require you to have substantial revenue.

Location: London Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: €1m – €10m but they state they can exceed this for the right company.

Portfolio Companies: Seatwave, Wahanda, Innogames.

Contact/Apply: Contact page here.

Delta Partners

Delta Partners targets early stage technology and MedTech companies. They’re pretty active and have made over 90 investments since they came onto the scene in 1994. Delta is very team focused.

Location: Dublin, London Targeting: UK, Ireland

Investment Level: Not specified.

Portfolio Companies: Betapond, BlikBook, fishtree. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Delta does awesome 30-minute 1-to-1 sessions that you can book online here.

Connection Capital

Connection Capital look to invest in UK companies with strong management teams that are already in profit. They’ve backed all sorts of companies from gyms to online businesses.

Location: London Targeting: UK

Investment Level: £2m – £7m

Portfolio Companies: PureGym, Wagamama. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Send Connection Capital an E-mail.

Advent Venture Partners

Advent target tech & life sciences businesses in Europe. They’re looking for proven models focused on revenue growth. They’ve had some pretty chunky exits to date and really like to add value beyond just cash.

Location: London Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: Not specified.

Portfolio Companies: DailyMotion, Qype.

Google Ventures Europe

Google Ventures Europe provide seed, venture, and growth-stage funding to the companies that they deem the best, and not just worthy investments. With such an obvious company affiliate, they provide said companies unrivalled support in most aspects of running their business.

Location: London, England, Geneva CH, California & San Francisco, USA Targeting: UK, Europe, USA

Investment Level: Google Ventures have a unique way of investing, they ask you to apply to one of their individual investors personally and go from there.

Portfolio Companies: TuneIn, Buttercoin, HubSpot – you can see a full list of their portfolio companies on their portfolio page here.

Contact/Apply: Google Ventures are much like Chuck Norris, they will find you if you’re worthy.


Atomico is a growth stage international investment firm, founded by the co-founder of Skype.

Location: London, England, Sao Paolo, Beijing, Tokyo, Istanbul, Cayman Islands

Targeting: Europe, USA, Asia

Investment Level: Seed, early stage and later stage venture as well as private equity investors.

Portfolio Companies:, Skype, Rovio – a full list of their investments can be found here.

Contact/Apply: There are several ways to contact them on their contact page here.

Doughty Hanson Technology Fund

Daughty Hanson Technology Fund is a private equity firm, with bases all across Europe. Investing in technology, manufacturing and internet based commerce. With over 26 years of experience in the field of venture capitalism and private equity.

Location: London, UK | Frankfurt, DE | Milan, IT | Stockholm, SE | Paris, FR | Luxembourg, LU | Madrid, ES

Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: Long-term investments throughout the life of the company.

Portfolio Companies: Everbridge, MBA Polymers, Sound Butt – a list of past, and current portfolio companies can be found here.

Contact/Apply: All of the contact details, for Europe, are on this page here.

Frog Capital

Frog Capital is a London-based firm (formerly Foursome) investing in IT, Digital Media & Resource Efficiency. Only in growth-stage companies where the growth is likely to generate ≥40%, specialising in rapid growth and assisting your company to get there.

Location: London, UK Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: Later-stage ventures, between £5,000,000 and £25,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Editd, Rated People, Ostara – an entire list can be found here.

Contact/Apply: You can visit their ‘Contact US’ page here.

Index Ventures

Index are massive players in the investment world. They’ve invested in companies like Facebook, Just Eat and SoundButt so they know what they’re doing. In their own words they’re looking to support the founders of companies who are looking to be the Fortune 500 of the next 50 years.

Location: London, San Francisco, GenevaTargeting: Worldwide

Investment Level: Broad & seemingly unlimited. Everything from seed to massive VC rounds.

Portfolio Companies: Dropbox, Facebook, Skype. Full portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: You’ll find the contact details for your nearest Index offices here, just give them a call, make it count!

Accel Partners

Accel is one of the big boys in venture capital, they invest into what they call ‘category-defining technology companies’ and who can argue with that given their impressive portfolio including Spotify, Facebook & Etsy.

Location: Silicon Valley, New York, London, Bangalore Targeting: Worldwide

Investment Level: Seemingly unlimited.

Portfolio Companies: Spotify, Lynda, Etsy.

Contact/Apply: All contact details are listed on their site here.

Octopus Ventures

Octopus specialise in renewable energy, healthcare and property finance. They have a whopping £1.3b under management so invest substantial amounts. They say all of this on their website… but they’ve invested in Zoopla, yPlan, Secret Escapes & Graze, so they must be partial to a bit of tech too!

Location: London Targeting: UK

Investment Level: £250k – £100m.

Portfolio Companies: Secret Escapes, Zoopla.

Contact/Apply: You’ll find everything you need here.

DN Capital

DN capital invests in digital media, e-commerce, software and mobile applications. DN utilise the network effect and leverage their extensive global network to help catapult your business forwards.

Location: London, Palo Alto Targeting: UK, North America

Investment Level: 250,00 Euros – 10 million, later stage follow on available

Portfolio Companies: Shazam, Lovespace, Digital Chocolate. Full Portfolio here.

Balderton Capital

Balderton is one of the leading VC firms in Europe and focusses mainly on e-commerce, consumer internet and software. Since the year 2000 they’ve made over 100 investments, so are very active. They like to be the first institutional investor and then support with follow-on funding.

Location: London Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: $100k – $20m

Portfolio Companies: Housetrip, Lovefilm, carwow. Full portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Everything you’ll need can be found here.

Dawn Capital

Dawn invests in tech companies looking to create brand new markets or be the first to disrupt existing ones. Dawn is super ‘hands on’ and bring a lot of experience to the table covering a range of different markets.

Location: London Targeting: UK

Investment Level: $250k – $10m

Portfolio Companies: iZettle, Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: Dawn like people to come via an introduction to someone in their network, but aren’t against the direct approach, see their website for more info.

DFJ Esprit

DFJ Espirit wants to invest in companies that can become leaders in an attractive market. Their main focus is across electronics, software, internet, MedTech, mobile over a massive geographical area.

Location: London, Cambridge, Dublin Targeting: UK, Nordics, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain

Investment Level: $500k – $15m

Portfolio Companies: Graze, Lyst. Full Portfolio here.

Bridges Fund Management (Formerly Bridges Ventures)

Bridges Fund Management is a privately owned investment company where all funds go into businesses looking to achieve social and/or environmental goals alongside returns for investors. They run 3 separate funds, one for property, one for social enterprises and another for sustainable growth.

Location: London Targeting:

Investment Level: Up to £15m

Portfolio Companies: Full Portfolio here.

Eden Ventures

Eden invests in early stage technology companies. They solve the funding gap problem between angel and big VC rounds. Eden looks for a strong market opportunity in the UK with a solid team that can turn it into an international venture.

Location: London Targeting: UK

Investment Level: £200k – £3m with follow-on funding up to around £6m.

Portfolio Companies: huddle, UberVu, Reevoo. Full Portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: They direct everyone looking to apply via this link.

Arts Alliance

Arts Alliance is a V.C. firm that has been around since 1996, investing in film, online advertising and online marketing.

Location: London, England Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: Seed, early stage and later stage.

Portfolio Companies: Brainient, Shazam, Kebony

Business Growth Fund

Business Growth Fund is a Birmingham based business, with typical black country ideals. Investing primarily in growth and the potential of growth across the entire UK, with offices in 7 Major cities. As well as having a member of the board actively participate in your company when they invest.

Location: Aberdeen, Bristol, Birmingham, Edingburgh, Leeds, London, & Manchester, UK Targeting: UK

Investment Level: Long-term investments beginning in Early Stage venture, between £2,000,000 and £10,000,000 as well as private equity.

Portfolio Companies: Broadband Choices, Bullitt, Furniture Village – a full list can be found here.

Contact/Apply: There are several ways to contact them, including a webform on their contact page here.

Entrepreneurs Fund

Entrepreneurs Fund is a €240,000,000 fund who invest in all forms of technology and life sciences business’ at all stages of a companies life.

Location: London & Jersey, UK Targeting:Europe

Investment Level: Seed, Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Venture, and Post Ipo Equity Investments

Portfolio Companies: Fits.Me, Real Eyes, N-Tec – a full list of their portfolio can be found here.

Contact/Apply: You can visit their ‘Contact US’ page here.

Howzat Partners

Howzat Partners are a venture capital fund that has been running for more than a decade, specialising in Retail, Media, Photography and Technology. Howzat invest in what they think is the “next big thing”, so if your pitch is good enough, you should be well on your way to peaking their interest.

Location: London, UK Targeting: UK

Investment Level: Seed up to $10,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Alex and Alexa, Swapit, Fantasy 5 Live – a full list can be seen by going to their main webpage here and scrolling down or clicking the ‘Portfolio’ link.

Contact/Apply: There is a useful webform at the bottom of their site here with all other contact details.

Kennet Partners

Kennet Partners isn’t your typical venture capital or private equity investor, it’s more of a growth company.

Location: London, UK | Silicon Valley, USA Targeting: UK, Europe, USA

Investment Level: Early and Late-Stage venture

Portfolio Companies: Rivo, World One, Spread Shirt – you can view a full list of their portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: All of their contact details are on this page here.

Kreos Capital

Kreos Capital aren’t strictly a VC fund or Angel investor, they are a debt provider – in fact, they’re Europe’s largest and leading debt provider. Kreos have committed in excess of €1 billion to the automotive, finance and services industries.

Location: London Targeting: Europe, USA & Middle-east

Investment Level: Early-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture, Private Equity, Debt Financing Investments €1,000,000 – €10,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Borro, Codemasters, Wonga – see a full, 4-page list here.

Contact/Apply: You can find all of their details on this page here.

Summit Partners

For over 3 decades, Summit has been investing in Technology, Life Sciences and Growth Products. Based in the US, but with an office in London, Summit helps with every aspect from expanding your business globally.

Location: London Targeting: UK, USA

Investment Level: $5,000,000 – $500,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Acturis, ApoCell, Belkin – a full list of current and exited companies can be found here.

Contact/Apply: All of their contact details can be found here.

Northzone Ventures

Okay, so not strictly based in the UK, Northzonedoes, however, have an office in London. Investing in the technology industry, Northzone is willing to help and have a very down-to-earth outlook on running a business proving that they are about the quality of work, not just the financial gain. They mainly focus on advertising, software and curated web.

Location: London, UK | Stockholm, SE | Oslo, NO | Copenhagen, DK Targeting: Europe

Investment Level: Seed, Early-stage venture, later-stage venture, and Private Equity Investments

Portfolio: Sticky, Fishbrain, Test Freaks – a full list can be seen here.

Contact/Apply: You can find all of their contact details on this page here.

Amadeus Capital Partners

Amadeus Capital Partners are a London-based venture capital firm specialising in every form of backing; from seed to venture buyout for the technology market. They invest in all most forms of technology, including healthcare, resource efficiency and clean-tech.

Location: London Targeting: Europe, UK

Investment Level: All levels from seed, to venture buyout and everything in between.

Portfolio: Celltick, Bellco, GreenRoad – an entire list of past and present portfolio companies can be seen here.

Contact/Apply: There is an extensive, and very handy ‘Pitch Us’ type submission form here, and all other contact details can be found here.

Maven Capital Partners

Maven Capital Partners are a Glasgow based venture capital and private equity firm investing in clean technology, hardware, software and messaging services for a decade. Totalling investments of over £100,000,000 and managing over £340,000,000 in more than 20 client funds.

Location: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester – UK. Targeting:UK

Investment Level: Seed, Early-stage, Private Equity investments as well as Debt Financing and exit strategies.

Portfolio: RMEC Ltd, Vermilion, DMACK Tyres – A full list can be found here.

Contact/Apply: All of their contact details can be found on this page here.

Albion Ventures

Founded in January 2009, Albion Ventures is one of UK’s biggest independent VC investors, with about £275m across six different VC trusts. The group boasts an investment portfolio of over 90 companies, including everything from tech-centric startups to service and asset-based companies. They usually aim to go from the agreed term sheet to completing the process in 6 weeks.

Location: London Targeting: UK

Investment Level: From £1-10 million.

Portfolio Companies: Academia, Blackbay, Proveca. More of their portfolio here.

Contact/Apply: If you’d like to discuss investment opportunities, you can find their contact info on the website.

London Co-Investment Fund

London Co-investment fund has raised £25m from the Mayor of London’s Growing Places Fund, with a goal of co-investing in startups operating in science, technology or digital sectors. The fund invests only in rounds led by their (six) co-investment partners. The main goal is to help startups who can already raise money secure significantly more funds.

Location: London Targeting: London

Investment Level: £250,000 – £1,000,000 seed investment

Portfolio Companies: Chaser, Gojimo, Lexoo.

Contact/Apply: There’s a 2-step application form that you need to fill on their site if you’re interested in working with the LCIF.