If someone walked up to you and asked how technology makes your life better, you could probably rattle off at least a dozen examples in under a minute, citing

Would you invest in an IT firm or in a real estate firm at this moment? Why?

I think this question is too broad to get a meaningful answer. If it’s about the potential for growth, the IT industry will always have that potential for companies to get big fast. However, there are also risks. They are both high risk. Unless I had trillions of dollars or something, I would invest in the stock market. Simply diversify. Maybe you want to pick a couple winners. I’d go for Alphabet, the parent company of Google, as a long-term winner. Go for long-term winners, and diversify.

Other than that, if you just have to put your money into venture capital and I can’t talk you out of it, try a fund. It’s all about how much risk you want to take on. If you don’t have enough money to talk to a certified professional advisor, I would probably abandon venture capital because it’s so risky. If you feel like you are smart enough to navigate the market and get yourself a good deal, I’d start at this website and go from there: Venture Capital Funds Definition | Investopedia

On a final note, when you are investing, this is really no way to go about it. Winners are rare. Startups are common. Don’t invest in a friend or family’s business unless you can afford to lose the money. Don’t invest in anybody’s business unless you can afford to lose the money. Think of this as money you are spending. If you are investing in venture capital on real estate or IT, especially a company that does one of those, you are taking a big risk and likely to lose everything.

If that is not the case, if there is a stable, successful company doing real estate or IT, they will probably be publicly traded anyway. So you’d just be buying their stock. If it is a private company that is successful, and therefore worth investing in, it will likely be very expensive and exclusive to buy in. People don’t sell pieces of really successful family business very often. It’s unlikely that any of your friends or family have a good deal for you. As a rule, you must tell them no right away without any ambiguity. Invest your money in the market. Only do high-risk investing if you are prepared to lose, and only under the guidance of a professional.