One of the most important factors I considered when building my brokerage was building a culture where real estate agents feel comfortable, feel motivated and

What are the new topics that I could give to my students in marketing?


Something I’d be impressed by any school teaching is Strategic Marketing.

It’s all about building marketing assets that ultimately increase sales and demand for a product.

Marketing assets come in many ways, I give you the lucky 13:

  • Community / Events / Interest groups / Associations / Organizational culture that drive’s productivity and loyalty / Social Proof
  • [Online] Real estate / Owned like websites / “Rented” social media accounts and groups
  • Content marketing / Consumer guides / (Video) Blogging / Podcasting / Courses / Tests
  • Competitive advantage / Pricing / Customer service / Quality / Distribution / Marketing and advertising for branding and positioning
  • Innovation / Data gathering and analysis to find opportunities / Real-time analytics / IoT and circular economies / Pixel lists, remarketing and retargeting / Chat bots
  • Business model / Sustainability / Commerce platforms & marketplaces / Accessibility / Franchising / Licensing / Various kinds of business models like flash sales / Social initiative/ Process optimization / Subscriptions / Online and offline marriage and mirroring / Marketing systems [step-by-step procedures which can become products by themselves like “How to buy your first investment real-estate with no money down”]
  • Direct response / Sales letters & pages / CAC & LTV / Copywriting / List building / ROI-based promotional strategies / Funnels / Debt collection letters
  • Advertising / Growth campaigns / Profitable ads types / Cross-channel marketing & attribution model
  • Email marketing / Segmentation / Lead nurturing / Email sequencing / Nth sale campaigns / Repurposing emails / Unresponsive lead campaigns / Community building
  • Power positioning / Owner’s and organization’s ideals that define expectations and thus an integral quality / Stories / Branding [Utilitarian/Fashion/Premium/Luxury] / Partnering & JVs [including (micro)influencers]/ Offer creation / Unique selling proposition
  • Public relations / News articles / Sponsoring / Leadership icon / P.T. Barnum-like demand generating initiatives / Social responsibility / Documentaries

The last two are very flexible mostly intangible assets to be combined with whatever I listed above.

  • Trend riding / Offers based on interest trends / Offers based on economic trends / Offers based on political trends / Offers based on fashion trends.
    Trends thrive on the people’s attention. Just for getting some ideas focused around e-commerce: Ecommerce Trends 2018: 18 Areas That Will Shape Online Shopping – Shopify, E-Commerce Trends in 2018: Voice, Subscriptions, Personalization, Top 2018 eCommerce Trends to Watch For
  • Based on behavior economics
    – Attention economy [sports and games, lifestyle icons, culture, entertaining content, events, self-development, media manipulation (usually around domestic violence, war and controversy), gambling and lotteries…]
    – Service economy [Outsourcing, consulting, commerce platforms, brokerage…]
    – Social position economy [“Man works not for a better wage but for a better social position”] / Branding / Product association
    – Efficiency economy [Economies of scope/scale, international PEST landscape for locating the various assets a business has (factories, stores, distribution channels…), circular economies, automation (including marketing automation), better infrastructure, new channels and media, Big Data, organizational efficiency and reduced costs (think Six Sigma)]

Hope this helps.

Good luck!