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India: What are things that make Indians sad?

Reaction of some celebrities, journalists and politician in the issue of denomination of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 note by government to fight against corruption, black money & terrorism.

Millions of people blinding follow celebrities in India but they are more interested in raising riots rather than supporting good decisions made by the government.

The biggest star in India Mr Salman Khan who should have been jailed for his deeds has got time to endorse a president candidate in USA but no time to speak about the Black money issue in the country. (Also got time to speak in favor of a terrorist when he is being hanged after the decision taken by supreme court and make jokes about rape when all are raising awareness to fight agains it)

The perfectionist of India Mr Aamir khan whom we all supported when he said his wife don’t want to live in India any more, giving respect to his and his wife individual opinion and freedom of speech has got time to promote his friend movie Rock On 2 but no time to speak about the Black money issue in the country.

I’m greatly thankful to all the stars who showed support (Rajnikanth, Amitabh, SRK, Kamal, Nagaarjuna and a lot more) as people in this country follows this superstars as there Idol they don’t trust politician but they do trust this stars and they supporting this act on social media or anywhere else will raise awareness & believe among public which is the need of the hour.

I also hate the fact that political parties like AAP whose entire agenda is to fight against corruption and black money is not supporting this bold decision made by the government and trying to frighten the public for no reasons. This is not honest politics and the people of Delhi didn’t elect AAP to just be another power hungry party in the country we already have many. Totally be against the government when they are doing wrong but you should not be against them if they are doing right. Taught at least one educated person is there in the opposition parties but he came out to be the dumbest one.

BSP & SP parties openly asking for 1 week time so that they can convert there black money to white . TMC not supporting the decision and calling it DRACONIAN DECISION and well Aarvind kejriwal showing support by retweeting it. Congress leaders trying to manipulate the public in thinking that they will be harmed or suffer due to this when we all know it’s only the corrupts who will suffer.

This parties says that there can be a better action plan, government should have talked to them about this. I have some questions, what other plan you have? Speak of it we all want to know the better plan you people have and talked to you corrupt people about this so you could convert your black money to white or shift it to swiss bank?

I’m also greatly thankful to Nitesh kumar who supported this decision and is showing great leadership in Bihar since he has been elected. (Even openly criticized his allies when the question was raised on releasing a goon and took necessary actions against him)

I loved the fact that this was sudden and even the BJP leaders didn’t knew about this (One was recently caught with a lot of cash). Shows how honest is the man we have elected.

Even some journalist questioning this move and trying to manipulate the public should feel ashamed as there job is to make public feel safe and educate them about the situation when such big step has been taken by the government but they are doing the opposite.

I’m greatly thankful to reporters & journalists of Aaj tak, Times now, Zee news and some other channels who have shown support for this bold move and are trying there best to keep the public calm about this situation and spreading awareness as much as they can.

How government is tackling the aftermath is more commendable. People buying railway tickets to convert there black money to white has been refused to be given any cancellation amount in cash, banks have been kept open for Saturday and Sunday too. (Even the staff is amazingly co-operative and I loved the fact that educated individual in the queue where helping others to fill the form. Love the unity our country has. IT raids on people who are converting black money and real estate agents who are trying to move there black money, tracing all illegal movements of money also tracing people who bought golds with there money and jewelers who sold gold without bills after the announcement made by the PM.

People who acted smart by buying golds and depositing money in fake accounts of there employees will face IT raids soon as they should know that private banks in india are no swiss bank and they come under guidelines of RBI and they keep track of each movement happening in the private banks also there are CCTV cameras everywhere (Bank lockers, ATM’s they can trace and see everything, don’t forget about the recent challans that you are receiving in your home for breaking traffic rules with a picture of your vehicle)

Any one who doesn’t support this decision is a blind follower of a opposition party or didn’t get the message clearly (Was manipulated) or is a corrupt person holding black money.

Lastly I will to make an appeal to the people on Quora to help people & spread as much awareness as they can around to help people who are illiterate or know less on this issue (Specially to your maids, driver, guards, staff, employees, neighborhood people, people in your school, college, office or in the queue in banks )

Had some great experience from ola/uber drivers, maids, staff in factory and employees in office on this issue. All were very excited and happy about the new india also met some builders, biz people & politician who were cursing modi and were not happy but hey should pay for the loot that they have done by stealing tax money and increasing poverty in India.

Also read answer of Balaji Viswanathan (பாலாஜி விஸ்வநாதன்) who explains very nicely how this decision helps everyone: What do you think of the decision by the Indian Government to demonetize 500 and 1000 rupee notes? Do you think it will it help in curbing black money and corruption?