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Are no money down deals for real estate happening in 2019?

There are a few ways to do no money down;

  1. VA- for vets current and past, this loan offers 100% financing and you can roll closing costs into the loan.
  2. RD (Rural Developement) – an RD loan will fund 100% of the home and roll in closing costs for new construction homes in areas deemed “rural”. Many times a good up and coming area still has the designation even though it’s not far from an urban hub.
  3. Land contract – the seller finances you the home as the bank and accepts no cash down.
  4. Rent to Own – often a lease option can be had for little or nothing down.
  5. If you are a real estate agent, you can buy a home on FHA and roll in closing costs. You need 3.5% down. Ask for a .5% bonus and you will put down 3.5 at close but walk away with 3.5%. Basically 100% financing.
  6. It is perfectly legal to put a down payment on a credit card. This needs to be disclosed and the debt will count against your debt ratios. But you could get a 5% down conventional, roll in closing costs and put 5% on a credit card.

Above are many, but not all ways, to buy a home with little to no money down. I might add that in many cases, waiting a little to save 20% is a good idea. These are just ways to fund at 100% because that was the question.