Technology and real estate are colliding more than ever before, and there’s no bigger tech company in the world right now, at least in terms of valuation, than

How is the new apple campus affecting real estate prices?

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Since Apple Park’s project approval in 2013, real estate within one mile of the building site has experienced a median price increase of over 20 percent.

The most noticeable real estate price increases extend roughly to within a five mile radius. The median home prices have increased by 4.4 percent up to the three-mile mark and 7.3 percent for homes within five miles of the campus, which includes neighborhoods such as Sunnyarts and West San Jose as well as cities like Cupertino, Loma Linda, and Santa Clara. (source: Apple Campus 2 Set to Have Huge Impact on Silicon Valley |

As a resident of Cupertino, I’ve seen a marked increase in traffic around Apple Park and a definite uptick in home sale prices, but not necessarily in the speed on home sales in our neighborhood, which are already heavily inflated. (1600sf house built in 1968 with little to no updates now sells for ~ $2.5 million.)