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What would be the top 10 cryptocurrency in 2019?

The top 10 cryptocurrency’s in 2019 will be those that execute well in this laste quarter (Q4) of 2018. 2019 is certainly a very anticipated year for those in the cryptocurrency space as many speculators, analysts, investors, and traders alike know what is possible with what happened in the cryptocurrency markets towards the end of 2017. Although there are a good handful of coins I have my eye on including: EOS, QuantmRE, GUSD, and Stellar – I feel the one that excites me the most is: QuantmRE with their stable coin. Although the other cryptocurrencies I mentioned above are certainly ones I see value in as well, the only other one that is being utilized (at least their protocol) as a stable coin is Stellar (XLM), and that is only through IBM’s implementatino of blockchain through enterprise with the use of their protocol. The reasons “stable coins” have more appeal these days is because unlike other alt-coins they’re backed by real-world-assets. In QuantmRE’s case, real estate.

A couple other reasons I think what QuantmRE is doing is pretty cool is because it’s allowing homeowners for the FIRST TIME be able to free-up the equity in their home and borrow against it if they need to WITHOUT having to take on additional debt through say, a HELOC (2nd mortgage/home equity line of credit). For real estate investors, it’s also giving an opportunity to add real estate to their portfolio and actually acquire equity in different properties without having to own the ENTIRE property, or have the capital in order to be able to do so. If you have any interest in the real estate market and see a HUGE potential with blockchain to disrupt the space, I think you may be interested in checking out QuantmRE and what they’re up to.