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Is the view of buy-to-let losing popularity? What do landlords have in mind?

UK answer: It’s certainly taken a bit of a hit, but so far seems fairly healthy.

  • Stamp duty on second properties makes it more expensive to buy in many places, reducing returns.
  • Changes in claiming interest as an expense in tax make it less profitable (assuming you can make a profit) .
  • The removal of the fixtures and fittings tax benefit is reducing profits for some in the low-end furnished market.
  • Increased costs from HMO licencing, right-to-stay checks, etc reducing profits
  • Overbuilding of specific sorts of housing in some areas, like small flats.
  • Slight increase in costs of BTL mortgages.
  • At the lower end of the market, restricted housing benefits and low income growth limit the amount you can increase rent by.
  • Increased late or non-payment of rent, and possibly a hugely expensive eviction due to the above pressures on tenants.

On the other hand, there are pressures that are increasing profits:

  • House building is still far too low for demand in most places
  • Lack of public sector housing
  • Increase in single person households