The US real estate market has looked weak for over a year now, and things aren’t really improving. While the market has not seen the bottom fall out, it is going

Is it worth coming to USA on EB5 by investing 500K to 1 million, with all this political disturbance?

You should only make investments that you’re comfortable with, but I think there are plenty of great real estate opportunities to consider, even with the political instability in the US. I would encourage you to look at rental properties where you can build equity (some level of distress), and in markets that are stable but not inflated. Unless you’re hoping to sell the properties in the short-term, the rental income should help minimize risk even in our shaky political climate.

If you look at investing in US real estate, consider setting up an LLC to help protect risk, and consider using mortgages to help reduce your exposure (a lot of EB5 investors think they can’t do either and that’s not the case).

Feel free to message me if there’s anything I can do to help.