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How fast is your home internet speed?

Not that fast.

Just to clarify: I mean that it’s not fast compared to what is normal in Norway in 2018. As a person who works in tech, I have a slower line than many casual users with 1000 Mbps lines. I know that the situation is very different in other countries. 80 Mbps is still more than fast enough to satisfy all my needs as a power user.

I live in a housing co-op, and this is what’s included in the rent. It’s the cheapest option available. I could have upgraded to 1000 Mbps for a modest monthly amount, but so far I haven’t felt the need to.

Back in 2011, when I was still a poor student, I actually had 200 Mbps. More than twice the speed I have now. Cloud and streaming wasn’t as widespread back then. We used to download big files. My computer at the time had a 2 TB hard drive, which is more than I’ve ever had since.

But the one time I was really ahead of the curve was in 1999. I was living with my parents, and we got connected to one of the world’s first broadband services, with a speed of 300 kbps. That was insanely fast at the time. I could download an mp3 in seconds. Mindblowing.