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How has the methods of real estate agents changed to become more efficient today?

Great question!

Technology has definitely helped with document flow when working on a transaction. Signing papers electronically with DocuSign has been great. So whether all parties to the deal are across town or across the U.S. you can email them the documents and they can sign them without printing them out and having to fax or rescan them. It makes for a much smoother process.

If DocuSign is not something a Broker wants to use, some Multiple Listing Services (MLS) have implemented the option to be able to email documents to the other Broker and have it considered “legal delivery” which is also nice.

The ability to pull up maps, listings, emails, correspondence etc on my iphone while out looking at houses with clients has been especially helpful as well.

I also have an app that allows me to open, review and sign pdf documents on my phone. I can also take a picture of a document with my phone and it converts it into a pdf that can be emailed. Both of these apps are great time savers.

Thanks for the opportunity to answer the question!