in 2005, Ann Byrne’s youngest brother, Gavin (not their real names), went to … to probate in Ireland in 2017, and the vast majority were processed without a hitch. … it is this document that decides how the estate will be divided when they die.

Is there significant resentment from some descendants of the Irish Australians towards the UK or the established political order due to the historical anti-Catholic policies and the legacy of transportation?

I am one of the people you are referring to here, except that I am not “Irish” Australian, merely Australian. One of my grandmothers was born in Ireland but in my view, it still doesn’t make me Irish Australian.

I have never heard of anyone having any kind of resentment towards the UK because of past anti-Catholicism. There was certainly resentment at the beginning of colonisation. Some of the Irish exiles started an unsuccessful rebellion.

Castle Hill convict rebellion – Wikipedia

But why just the Irish? In addition to my Irish ancestry, I am partly English, Scottish, French and German. Many of them were Catholics originally, though most are now heathens like me.

In my entire life I have only ever met one person who was rumoured to be strongly anti-British, and a rabid supporter of the IRA. Since she never started any of her shenanigans with me, I can’t even be sure about her.

If there was resentment in the past, it is only a footnote in history nowadays. The overwhelming majority don’t care.