Construction is not usually considered a high-tech industry. One Colombian startup believes that can change. A panel of Miami real estate experts at the 2019

Most of the renowned startups are from the software sector. A very small number of startups survive till the end from the other fields (engineering, electronics, electricals or some constructions or say designing). What could be the reason behind this?

IT and ITeS startups are easy to start and easy to wrap up. This without much cost involved. Morover, investors can invest less and earn more in such startups. However, that would not be the case with non IT startups. They are capital intensive, have a long gestation period and give the jitters to investors.

I personally am against IT startups. They are same wine in new bottles. I am just waiting for the bubble to explod. I have seen so many wonderful non IT ideas that never even reached funding stage.

The scenario has to change!