Development of women leaders in the real estate business was the theme at the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) and Larson Leadership Initiative Luncheon

What should most real estate agents not waste their time doing?


Who even answers their phone anymore? Telemarketers have earned a bad reputation. If you are cold call telemarketing, then people automatically think you are a low-life scammer. This is not the 1980s anymore. Find a new way to market your business.

It’s ok to call up friends, former clients, and other people you genuinely care about catching up with and asking how they are doing. But probably just do it to be a friend and ask once if they know anyone moving in the next year. The “friend” always calling up to sell you something is the “friend” who goes straight to voicemail.

And it’s ok to call people who have requested information or might be looking in the future. But there are better and more inventive ways to stay at the forefront of someone’s thoughts when they are looking to move.