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Is there a future for front-end web developers? My question is specifically about: 1) Salary increase based on experience and 2) Growth potential within a company.

Well, it will become more difficult to get a well-paid job since it is a very specialized field where you will generally use only HTML, CSS and Javascript plus knowledge of a whole lot of front-end libraries and frameworks. The competition is reasonably large, especially since there are many front-end developers out there who are barely skilled enough to do the job, yet their rates are ridiculously low.

However, there are specialities within the front-end development that will require a lot of experience because you’re required to use a specific framework or library. When you specialize in a few of those, you will have a bright future for as long as that framework or library stays popular.

But front-end work is also moving away from basic web development. More and more companies are working with services and have different layers build on top of those. The web layer (Front- and back-end) is still the most common but mobile apps are also becoming interesting front-ends for these services. And so are generic applications for OS X and Windows/Metro environments where you have a thin executable connected to a web service. But these are different kinds of front-ends that will require more than just Javascript to work with.

Thing is, it is hard to predict how popular web pages will stay in the future. Web services are very promising, but allow basically anything as a front-end, not just browsers. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even WordPress have invested heavily in App development for Android and IOS and with their services ready-to-use, it’s just a small step to also create applications for desktop systems, like Windows, Linux and OS X.

For now, such developments are still considered a bit expensive but the IT world is constantly changing.