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When will the next real estate crash happen?

An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today. – Laurence J. Peter

Now mark these words and make a list of predictions (done today) by popular economists and judge it over time. Most of them would prove wrong. Why? It’s because that a market/economy involves too many variables to predict. Even if someone calculates them all using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, an earthquake or tsunami may ruin all predictions.

For this reason, intelligent investors — like Warren Buffet — never try to predict market. And no intelligent investor needs to predict downturn or upturn of a market. He simply rides upturns and downturns.

When there is a downturn, intelligent investor looks for the time of full pessimism. And if the fundamentals of market and economy sound good, he makes purchases.

When there is upturn, intelligent investor looks for the time of full optimism. And he does not give it a second thought to make sales.

This is easy to know but difficult to practice due to lack of patience and discipline.

Investment is marathon and not a sprint and exceptions are rare (over short times).