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Is Shahrukh Khan really an actor or a businessman?

Firstly, I am a die hard fan of SRK for his acting and secondly of his business ethics. He is not just an actor or a businessman but a versatile human who embodies a wide range of skills. He is a brilliant orator but since you seem to be interested in the two aspects, lets compare his proficiency in both fields. In view of this, I think he understands every worth of a single penny as he has seen success and failure both as part of his life.

I would love to explain on this. When it comes to the richest actors of the Indian Bollywood Cinema, the first name comes is but obviously ‘SHAHRUKH KHAN’. Not only an actor, but I would say he is an entrepreneur as well. Due to his smart investment, he is the Richest actor of India.

Talking of SRK as an actor:

14 Filmfare Awards amongst which 8 are for Best Actor. Moreover, he has 12 blockbusters against his name. The only one I know to achieve this feat after Dilip Kumar. Also awarded Padmashree for contribution towards Indian Cinema being an icon worldwide. Huge applause from my end for sure!!

Talking about his source of income:

1)Bollywood: To my knowledge, he charges 40–45 Cr. per movie and if the movie gets the peak of blockbuster hit, then he holds the profit shares of it. Money? Yes he gets it on top.

2) Smart Investment: He invests much money in real estate. Adding to this, SRK has his own real estate avenue in Dubai named “SRK BOULEVARD”. He endorses one of the real estate group named “Royal Estates“. He owns shares of about 26% of Mumbai’s entertainment park “Kidzania” increasing his net worth. Moreover, SRK has his own VFX studio earning him revenues. Meanwhile, who can forget his IPL team KKR gaining him almost 400Cr.

3) Brand Endorsements: Pepsi, Nokia, Hyundai, DishTv, Tag Heuer and many more are included in the list. Coming to the commercial ads, he charts on top seen in most of the TV advertisements. He earns here as well.

4) Production House: Yes, you got it right I am talking about:

started in 2002 headed by SRK and Gauri Khan surging ahead in the global entertainment industry. His most films are made under this production raging him much profit.

We have had seen many successful businessman’s in India but when it comes to cinema, he is one of the legend Bollywood has ever had. In the view of the above, SRK impulses acting more rather than being in Business.