The magnitude of a real estate transaction brings in complex human emotions like anxiety, fear, and perhaps even anger when the transaction is not handled

Do we need Real estate agents?

One quality of agents I think is very much overlooked is being more involved with today’s technology and resources. People ask why is a real estate agent still needed with today’s technology? My answer is yes, people should take full advantage of the available data online for educational purposes and to help them specify their objectives but should then consult an agent for further details about a listing or area.

When I say data, I mean predictive analytics in real estate – which is basically analyzing historical data to predict future outcome or trends. So for example, Mashvisor provides predictive analytics to help investors find investment properties.The same concept applies to commercial real estateAlteryx provides data for companies to find the best locations. Wouldn’t it be great if an agent could use these platforms to provide further insight to clients?

While some might think these types of sites are hurting real estate agents, I think it could be used to their advantage (agents). People will (or should) seek agents once they have specified their objective and I think the combination of the data and an agent’s knowledge could really bring something else to the table.

Other things I think people look for in a realtor are willingness to take risks, handling rejection professionally, and are easy to work with. Again, they should know the area very well to offer the inside information that can’t be found online.

Lastly, I think if an agent “specializes” in a certain field or has some experience with different specializations, that is a big plus. Going back to the examples above, if an agent had experience with investors or companies, that could increase their chances with big clients.

I think agents have a very important role. I don’t mean to say a good agent is a high-tech person, I’m saying a good agent is one who takes advantage of all resources and keeps up with their clients’ usage of today’s resources.

To answer your question – yes technology definitely contributes to the job, doesn’t diminish it. The human touch goes a long way but also knowing the ins and outs is very important even after getting all that data.

Hope this offered some insight 🙂