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What’s Ali Alshamsi’s morning routine?

Opened my eyes after 2 hours of good sleep after my night ritual… Reach out for the phone… Check investments overnight progress… Check business mail and reply to all, then check Quora for what I answered before I went to sleep- never disappoints in making me smile.

  • By now the maid has put a hot glass of fresh brewed black American coffee no sugar no cream on the table next to me.. I drink my coffee while I finish whatever on my phone..
  • By the time I finish my coffee, everyone has received tasks and emails from me and investment portfolio is optimized. I stand up, walk to the bathroom to freshen up and take a hot shower. In the shower, I usually solve some issues. When I get out, there is fresh clothes to wear, the bed is made, the coffee is removed and my breakfast is on the table. I eat my breakfast while doing some work and maybe implement these shower solutions to the channels. My wife is up and ready to go to work. Kiss her goodbye. I hear someone yawn.
  • I wake my baby girl AlShamsah, the sun of my heart, turn off my phone and give her her water bottle. By the time she drinks​ her water, her diapers are changed. Turn on peppa pig on TV and we watch her favorite cartoon until her breakfast is ready. I feed her, then send her with the nanny to play with the other kids outside. Turn back my phone on.
  • My laptop is packed in the bag and waiting in the car. I jump in and make my calls, if any, while I drive otherwise I turn on my Audible app and listen to a book chapter.
  • Before, I go to my office (I don’t have a desk, it’s a waste of space) start in a meeting room and see people, then start another meeting or a third and jump between meetings. They always need to catch up on information I already know, so I get to move on to other meetings and give them space to think between themselves before answering me before I come back to their meeting. Then I run away to my favorite coffee place and conduct one on one meetings. But nowadays I freed myself from the office jargon after I exited the company.
  • Nowadays I sit in my favorite coffee place. By the time I reach my coffee on the table my sheesha in place and the place is always reserved. I reply to emails and check my portfolio until the waiter sets up my laptop, iPad and iPhones on the table and plugged to power. Watch my investment profiles and tweak this or that mostly while listening to an audio book. Meet with bankers and fund managers and brokers and what not, trying to sell me shares in x fund or x project or real estate portfolio or open new account for this or that.
  • Finish the meetings, write some answers on Quora or write an article on my website about my economic ideology while doing some reading or research on some economic concepts I want to use to fix for my ideology, while I watch my portfolio on other screen.
  • I get my sketch pad out and draw some plans or ideas or inventions or whatever. I make sure I come up with something new or improve something everyday even if I won’t implement it. It keeps the brain innovation muscle tight.
  • By now my morning is done.