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Between Producteev and Wunderlist, which is better and why?

I use Producteev, and I think it’s the best and slickest option for my Project management and tasking tracking application out there FOR NOW.

I’m also, constantly looking for something better and will “jump ship” the minute I find it. And this space is ripe for someone to come along and just do far better than Producteev. (I spend random evenings like this Friday after work looking, hunting, trialing, but I digress.)

Why no loyalty? Two reasons:

  1. Lack of communication and/or apparent respect of their users. Here’s a thread that illustrates this:…  And another:… (500 Requests on that one from 2011, ignored.) Producteev isn’t the only guilty party out there when it comes to the issue of communication. I don’t mean to single them out. A lot of brilliantly made software seems to go sideways because there’s no championing of feedback, and clear communication with the users. Capsule CRM is another such example. A quick look at their Uservoice forum shows similar threads of voices being completely ignored. Uservoice for these guys is: Uservoiceignored.
  2. Pricing. This gets tricky. It’s both a combo of their pricing model and lack of context feature that makes it expensive. I have a small, tight team of 5. Ideally I want a workspace for each client we all have access to, but that would run me over $250 per month. That’s pretty steep. If I was allowed to create a META workspace (or context) called CLIENTS, and sub workspaces for each client underneath it that share all the permissions/tags of the meta workspace, then it may make sense. But that’s a feature request that will probably languish for 6 months. 😉

EDIT 02/05/14: I have switched our entire team over to use Teamwork and have been using it for over 6-7 months now. It has met our needs and allowed us to expand how we manage our projects. While I have some grievances about their latest UI iteration (…), they have a solid product. The team responds to bugs and suggestions at a lightning fast pace, and are transparent about their development road map. I only hope that they fix their UX real estate issues.