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How do you find real estate investors?

I am a real estate investor and I feel like I can answer this question for you fairly accurately. To find real estate investors close to you I would suggest doing two things, searching Google and Craigslist.

First, go to google and search for “We Buy Houses [insert your city]” the top three listings will typically be ads, and some of those ads may be from local companies, other may be from national chains. Scroll down and find someone who’s website has your city or your area in the domain name. For instance, “We Buy Houses Macon Georgia” might turn up my website “” as one of the organic search results. Look for three or more of those listing that have taken the time to generate a local domain name for the business, and hopefully one that has some Google or Facebook reviews by real people. The other way to find them is to go to your area listing for Craigslist and scroll through the Real Estate>Services section. Now, to answer your follow up question you haven’t asked yet, which I am going to presume to be “How do I find an Honest Ethical Real Estate Investor?” I want to provide you with a few suggestions of tips to follow.

I would STRONGLY suggest you ask them several questions designed to reveal how much DIRECT experience they have in the business.

1 – How many houses have you personally purchased as a principal in the transaction?

2 – How long have you been actively buying houses as an investor?

3 – Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

Those three questions will reveal to you very quickly if you are dealing with an experineced investor or one who just came out of the latest, greatest free YouTube seminar. Be VERY wary of anyone who dodges the direct questions you ask. They may use phrases like “I’m a member of a group who buys several houses per month and we…” or “I bought my first house 20 years ago, and I know a lot about houses…” Those are telltale indicators of someone who is hiding their inexperience behind answers to questions you aren’t actually asking. My answer to those questions would be “I’ve personally been a principal in over 100 real estate transactions, as a buyer or seller, since 2005, and my company, is an A+ accredited member of the Central Georgia Better Business Bureau.” So you can see that that level of answer is MUCH harder to achieve for a noob investor just out of the latest seminar. Don’t be fooled by a newbie.

If you are looking for a real estate investor from whom to learn the business, rather than one to buy your house, I suggest doing the exact same process, but ask if they are a member of a local investor group. Keep calling around to different investors until you find out where they meet for lunch each week or when/where they have monthly meetings. If there is not a group nearby I highly suggest taking one of the local, experienced pros out to a lunch on your own dime. The advice they give you can save you many thousands of dollars wasted in the Street School of Hard Knocks.

I hope this helps!

Chris Peisher