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Is it possible to get a land title survey or property blueprints online?

In Arizona and perhaps other western states: You can obtain a copy of the last ALTA land title survey or boundary survey or plat that was recorded on the land, subject to any pieces of the plat not having been sold off subsequently. Title companies want to see a survey conducted or updated within 6 months of their insuring title at the transfer of property, as do most city and county planning departments when plans for new or greatly modified buildings are being submitted.

As for building plans, if within a specified period of time, you can often obtain them through the municipal entity that issued the building permits for the building.

If you want to see the boundaries of several parcels within a property for a very quick look, then you could request an assessor’s parcel map from the County Assessor’s Office. The parcel maps not only show the parcel boundaries but show the dimensions of the boundaries and, now that so much of this is online, the ownership of the parcels.

Make friends with the manager or marketing rep of a branch office of a national or regional title insurance company or title insurance agency. Either as a courtesy because they want your business or for a reasonable fee, they will obtain the land documents for you. You will have to obtain the building plans yourself.

When it comes to land title, if you are not an experienced reviewer of surveys and land title documents, you MUST hire a real estate specialist attorney who will do that for you. It is a skill you should develop for yourself if you are going to be dealing with improved properties, vacant land, and constructions. My advice about attorneys: Pay them now (prevent problems or identify and cure problems or discover the kind of problems that would make you decide to forego a transaction) or pay them (and a bunch of other experts) later (after problems are discovered). Now is a lot less expensive.