Grit Real Estate’s decision to list on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in the middle of 2018 has enabled the Africa-invested property stock to complete two

Is it normal/possible to double your real estate portfolio every 2 years (example, 2017 $1 mil, 2019 $2 mil, 2021 $4 mil)?

Possible yes, Normal no.

Real Estate is one area where you can choose from a wide range of risk. You can buy or clear a chunk of bare land, project manage the building of a whole heap of small units, and sell them individually for a huge profit. You can also do exactly the same thing and make a huge loss.

The difference between those two is a mix of things you can prevent and/or control such as contractor screw-ups and things totally outside your control. A more skilled developer will have fewer and smaller screw-ups but by simple bad luck they could have enough to sink the project.

The only way to be earning a 40% return is by taking substantial risks. Either by doing something extremely risky, or by doing something moderately risky while heavily leveraged.

Most people don’t have that much courage (/stupidity). Of the people that try, most of them screw up and lose their money soon enough. You might be able to project manage a $1M build reasonably well, but can you project manage a $4M build equally well.