As a real estate developer, you can, by creating co-living buildings. Over the past few years, companies like WeWork have changed the way we imagine office

How will the future of commercial real estate sales, investment and development be affected by new technology?

Crowdfunding platforms will have the biggest impact here. This will eventually provide many more diverse sources of capital, potentially changing the capital markets for real estate far more than REITs did in the prior generation. Not only will this create more profitable opportunities for everyone involved, this wider pool of capital sources will be driven by a wider spectrum of interests that may not always be profit driven. The result may be more philanthropic or artistic expressions manifested in physical architecture, in many interesting new ways.

A second way that tech will change real estate is in the patterns of consumption. The reason why people need space already have and will continue to evolve radically, as will the amount of space and duration of time it is needed. I see a more fractional approach to space consumption, smaller, more flexible spaces being used for shorter durations, by the hour or even minute in dense urban areas. The shared economy platforms already taking hold are providing the cultural basis that will make fractional shared space possible, and the freer flow of capital and the optimization of rental operations will be provided by new tech platforms, also already being created.

My current project is focused on this latter set of changes, and we will very likely leverage a crowdfunding portal for one or more of our locations.