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How do Britons feel about Brexit?

Suffragettes chained themselves to railings to show their dedication to the cause of suffrage for women. One lady jumped in front of horses at the Epsom Derby. Irish nationalists went on hunger strike for Irish Republicanism. Even Scottish students managed to steal the Stone of Destiny in a jape in the name of Scottish Independence.

You may have disapproved of their methods, but their fervour was unquestionable. They may also have been lacking in support but they made a noise that made you sit up and listen. A bit of whimpering in the background by the 48% who voted Remain, isn’t passionate or rousing in support for the case for staying in the EU.

Brexiters have rarely said it would be a total disaster to stay in the EU, unlike Remainers who claim, Brexit is cliff edge and madness. Hardcore Brexiters managed to get 52% of the population- on the basis of disenchantment and disillusionment- to extricate themselves from the EU. Remainers have a mild gnawing doubt that skiing might be more expensive and the kids won’t get that middle management job after their stint on the Erasmus programme.

If Remainers really believed in what they say, that 48% of the population would have already overturned the Brexit decision. Passion, their size and of course being vindicated would have carried the day.

Remain if they were convinced of their case would have formed a mainstream party- the antithesis of UKIP to stay in the Union, and the marches on London would have brought the city to a standstill.

100k marchers, marching for a range of demands? What was their singular cohesive goal? Reverse Brexit, stay in the Customs Union, or the Single Market, get Parliament to vote on the final deal, or give the people another vote? That 100k is not exactly a match even for the 3 million who voted for UKIP let alone, the 17.4 million who ultimately voted Leave.

In the mean time Remain should have made an irrefutable case- now that they are staring defeat in the maw, and mastered the presentation of their figures. We often hear that everyone with nous knows that Brexit will damage the economy but all that is ever offered up is rumour , innuendo and hear’say. Where are the bankers chaining themselves to their desks, desolate at the loss of all their jobs to Frankfurt? Why hasn’t every economist already turned tail and vanished along with all the Remainers to a safe haven in the EU? In fact please do have the courage to vacate this sinking ship. Leave Britain to the strivers, the people with conviction, who believe in the sovereignty and abilities of the people of this archipelago.

If the end of the world was nigh, Remainers would have had already left Blighty. Noah built an Ark and gathered up all the animals 2 x 2- that’s what a “Prepper” does, when they think civilization is going to go belly up. Remainers should have at least taken all their money out of the country and converted their funds into Eurobonds. I remember some in fact did say as much at the start. Do you remember saying that- but think we have forgotten? It’s not that long since the Referendum, unless you think we have the memory abilities of a goldfish. Not only were we promised a recession but there were suggestions of runs on banks. And of course ever since, the Remain language has moderated and the timeline for disaster stretched out over the blue horizon.

I remember a Software Business owner on Quora telling me in the aftermath of the Referendum he was making plans to move his business to Germany. After telling me how stupid and mathematically incompetent I was – I mentioned that Mervyn King begged to differ on his assessment of Brexit, and the well of poison dried up, like a dessicated husk in one single post. He hasn’t challenged me once since. In fact no one has challenged me about Mervyn. Surely someone could have countenanced that he was forced at gunpoint to make that statement or went slightly mad for a bit- but there has been nothing.

Do Remainers think that if the vote was overturned Brexiters would idly stand by and watch their aspirations turn to dust?

Face it Remainers are mildly disapproving of Brexit and a bit miffed. What Remainers have done is flown into a fit of pique. Almost 2 years in to the negotiations and if they really believed in “cliff edge”, devastation and ruin of the UK economy they would be manning the barricades- or boarding the evacuation convoy to Brussels.

Telling us it is all on the Brexiters heads, is not conviction- it’s a “maybe”, an “if” and a “perhaps”- all pitiful equivocations. Remember straight after the Referendum the last person to Leave Britain, please Switch off the lights? You Remainers genuinely believed this! It’s all recorded for posterity to pour over.The UK votes to leave the European Union

The fact that every Remainer is still here is because……? Are they waiting to see what economic Armageddon looks like just for the hell of it?

  • What happened to Europe is much bigger than us and will bully us?
  • You’re all being conned by an oligarchic elite?
  • A recession in the 2nd Quarter post Referendum?
  • What happened to Remainers are so much smarter than Brexiters– or that Brexiters are oiks, toffs and racists?
  • What happened to all that panic and hubris?
  • Trading is all done in big protectionist blocs these days- and no one wants to do a deal with the UK?

Note much of the debate has morphed and Remainers moved the goalposts of what constitutes Brexit apocalypse and the reasons why it will be so.