“Rebuilding Ireland is hitting its supply targets,” says Murphy. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have bought up many thousands of apartments in Dublin …

What are the main reasons contributing to the housing crisis in Ireland?

As far as I’m consciously aware the land in ireland is quite cheep due to its rocky landscape. What ireland needs is to advertise this to the world. ( so people with plans to build and sell buy up the land build big estates and sell and move on) there’s obvious profit to be made but the margin needs to be there and of course with an influx of work ( requirement for builders more irish builders accountants and building supplies will be in demand so more jobs more money. So more people can afford the housing. I take it we are talking republic of ireland.

So yeah key is advertising land prices to forien investors ( then making it impossible. For them to hire migrant workers) the you solve the issue of being able to buy a home and having homes.