The Women’s Council of Realtors-Manatee recently held its officer installation at the Bradenton Country Club. Barry Grooms, 2019 president-elect for the Florida

How much do real estate people make per year?

It depends… what real estate people are you talking about?

There are real estate agents, or realtors. Some may sell a few properties a year, some may sell many properties per month, some may sell one large property every other year, some may sell no properties ever. Realtors make a portion of the 3% listing fee, or a portion of the 3% sales fee. So their pay, depending on how much they sell is from zero to millions of dollars annually. I would tend to think the average realtor makes less than $60K annually.

There are also real estate investors. They make money when their investments cash flow positive, or when they sell a property. They can make zero to millions annually also. I would think that the average investor makes about $100K annually.

There are real estate wholesalers, real estate renovators, real estate builders, real estate appraisers, real estate developers, real estate just about everything’ers. Most are making money.

Real estate is awesome in that you can make as much as you want to in real estate. If you are a realtor, the more you list and sell, the more you make. If you are an investor, the more properties you buy, the greater your potential for making big money.

The down side with real estate for anyone other than an investor, is that once you stop working, you income also stops… immediately.

Being an investor, and owning cash flow positive properties, your income only stops, and then only temporarily, if one of your properties ever goes vacant. As soon as it’s leased again, your income continues.

I’m an investor… it just makes long-term sense to me. I’ve been an investor for forty years.

Within three years, I should have one larger real estate investment project completed and leased, that will earn me a steady seven-figure annual income for the balance of my life, then my children’s lives, and continue earning throughout my grandchildren’s lives. I like being a real estate investor.