Design Union, a real estate development and lifestyle Group has announced the addition of two state-of-art luxury properties; Eden Heights and Ilupeju Gardens

ATS Tourmaline can be afforded by many of the middle class families

Gurgaon has been the town of a trademark of each and every thing, which begins in the country from the most recent decade. A lot of the persons came to this municipal area for their higher learning and want to create their name and celebrity in this exacting city. Their thoughts begin from the Gurgaon itself, after considering the civilization, cultures, personality, commerce tycoons and a lot of more.  These persons mark their trip from here only. Real Estate field has been on the target on these persons for having their possess property as an apartment building or home. Gurgaon has always generated a new gentleman with full of army as their clique.
Real estate market has get its growth path from last 5 years along with that ATS Developers have also create a new apartments/ flats that can just smoothes the people along with their families. ATS Group has been one of the best in residential and commercial services. ATS Tourmaline has been one of the favored residential properties launched by the ATS Builders. This scrupulous project has been prepared with all best services and facilities. You not at all know the most excellent thing you can get form the ATS Group. For the ATS Tourmaline Builders, it not just the commerce diversion but at same tip they treat individuals as the relations and just want the bring the best in each and every field and zone in order to make customers/ members pleased particularly from the ATS Tourmaline.
ATS Tourmaline and ATS Triumph have been miss-communicated at various time but these mutually are two dissimilar housing projects. These possessions projects are different in each and all feature. ATS Group name has forever twisted some king of doubts or uncertainty in the mind of the real estate builders particularly in Gurgaon.  Every apartment made these exacting developers depicts all type of cultures particularly armed forces on the NCR cultures and their civilization. ATS Tourmaline prices are very affordable, which can be afforded by many of the middle class families, their main target is all class family or the businessmen or magnate.
Builders are much conscious of the fact of services, amenities and brokerage firm fees. ATS Tourmaline are being marketed by only few and supposed brokerage firms. For persons and their families ATS Projects are better suitable to start their new trip of life. ATS has always been the enormous best in the area of housing services.
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