Australian real estate agents may be leading the charge in ushering property transactions into the era of online communications, but there’s still a lot to be done,

Why should people use a real estate buyer agent?

Although many people feel that real estate agents don’t add much value, I would like to argue otherwise. (Disclaimer: I am not an agent myself). It may also be true that many agents are interested in closing the deal by hook or by crook. But that does not mean that agents do not (or cannot) add any value. Perhaps they need to catch up with changing times when people are looking for great service and value add.

Though I am giving some important points, I suggest that you go through this article on Why Use A Real Estate Agent?

You should use a Real Estate Agent for these reasons:

  1. Knowledge & Expertise – Most likely, you are not a real estate expert. And if you are not, then it is better to rely on the market knowledge of someone who is doing it for a living. A good agent will guide you on market trends, finance, tax benefits, legal due diligence and about the locality.
  2. Pricing Guidance – You will get an idea about the price from various real estate portals but the prices listed on these portals are asking prices and not the actual deal prices. Sometimes, asking price can be way higher than the deal price. An agent can guide you about the actual deal prices in the locality.
  3. Time Saving – Yes, you can start your home search online but it would not end there. There will be hundreds of houses you would like online but you cannot visit all of them. A good agent will understand your requirement and only show you those houses which fit your requirement. This will save you huge time.
  4. Better Negotiation – A real estate agent negotiates deals on behalf of sellers and buyers everyday. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a real estate agent. A good estate agent can pay for himself i.e. he will save you so much in a deal which can be much more than his commission. In just half an hour of negotiation, you can lose or make millions.
  5. Agents‘ Resources – A real estate agent has many resources at his disposal for eg. agents get huge discounts for advertising on property portals and they have their own agents‘ network also. So, an agent can show you much wider variety of properties.
  6. Investment Advisory – A good real estate agent knows that he will make money only if you make money. These days, you will find many agents who are well educated in investment and finance and who can guide you on RoI, tax savings, home loans and legal due diligence.
  7. Legal Documentation – An agent will handhold you through the complete transaction, right from home search & legal due diligence to payments & registration of property. It is always good to involve a professional third-party in such high worth transactions.
  8. Remove Chances of FraudReal Estate frauds are not uncommon in India. An agent will ensure that the property has clear title and is free from all encumbrances.

Hope it helps!