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What is the best investment, real estate, jewelry, or classic painting?

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Okay so without any doubt, Real Estate would be a best option for investing.

Why? Let me tell you

  1. It will give get you more profit the more older your property gets.
  2. Real estate is something that will always give you profit, only if you have patience and know how to properly invest in property.
  3. It’s safer, easier, and more stable
  4. You save money through tax-breaks & depreciation.
  5. You can negotiate on pricing
  6. You are in 100% control
  7. You can benefit from city development plans
  8. You can invest in a variety of ways
  9. You can get financing relatively easily
  10. You can diversify your portfolio

If you’re investing in jewelry

  1. There are 60–70% chances that you’re gonna get scammed if you don’t really know who to see if its real jewelry or not, for instance diamond.
  2. Risk of Theft
  3. Storage Problem if invested a lot.
  4. Slightly Less Liquidity

And if you’re Investing in Artifacts, or particularly Classic paintings.

  1. Its a good investment but for a very long time investment.
  2. In order to get good profit you would have to hold it for couple of decades and really get the profit out of it.
  3. High Risk, High Returns
  4. Not Completely Immune to Market Conditions.
  5. Illiquid Assets.
  6. Storage Issues.

Also, don’t forget the fact that with any artifact, any mishap can happen and they either break or get damage, resulting you getting the lose.

With that being said, I think Real Estate is the best investment opportunity.

You can learn everything about real estate. and make good profits out of it if you invest good.

“Tip: study and research everything before you invest in anything, whether that be Real Estate, Jewelry or classic painting. See the market, Value, Evaluation of what will happen in 10 years, and everything relating to whatever you’re investing in”

In case if you’re thinking about investing in real estate but don’t know where to start, there are many blogs written online that can teach you the aspects of investment.

But if you really want to get into this investing business and turn them into huge profits, there are many online courses where you can learn and get certified as Investment professional. One if the leading global training platform that offers this is GLOBAL REAL ESTATE LICENCE – INVESTOR EDITION[1]

Motivation Speaker, Real Estate Coach,

Patrick Pyne.[2]


[1] Investor-Who Should Take This Course?

[2] Patrick Pyne