The number of landlords in Ireland with multiple properties increased last year for Such landlords, which would include real estate investment trusts known as …

How stressful is it to be a real estate investor/ landlord, managing multiple properties?

It really depends on you as a landlord, as well as the location of the properties.

For example, if the properties exist in the same area (neighborhood or city), then the landlord can, in theory, manage multiple properties on his/her own if they choose to.

This can, however, be very stressful. The landlord will have to tend for the tenants’ needs whenever they request it, in addition to handling all the turnovers, maintenance, reparations, advertising…etc. If the landlord isn’t cutout for working under stress, traveling around a lot, and be available at all times, then it might be TOO stressful to handle.

Additionally, the landlord’s personality and expertise plays a huge role in property management. If the landlord doesn’t have sufficient knowledge to manage certain aspects of the property (financial, legal, maintenance, marketing…etc), then managing these aspects for multiple properties only increases the risk of not providing the optimal management services for his/her investment, which can be very harmful.

I would always recommend using professional property management for multiple properties. I believe that the value of property management only increases with the number of properties, which makes it so that their expense is more justified and brings more value to your investment than the value lost with the additional cost.

I hope this was a clear answer.

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