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What is the easiest country from which to get permanent residency in Europe?

Updated : 18 December 2018

Our excellent Residency program in Latvia is working great. Ideal for small investors willing to invest Euros 8–10,000 one time and then able to afford approx 500–950 Euros each month. I have two options to offer. Approval will be for five years with once a year renewal of residence cards. Approval and issuance of residency is quite smooth and fast within 4–5 weeks. Get in touch by whatsapp for updated availability of this option +37125157944 or +971556459791

Updated : November 20, 2018

Converted an Indian family’s Schengen visitor visa into Residence Permits in Latvia. All within a record breaking time frame of 3 weeks. Get in touch before traveling to Europe at least 10–15 days prior as certain documents are needed from your native country before making the application in Latvia. Any nationality can apply. However takes longer for some nationalities. Cost for the program is. Euro 9,000 for family of 3 and then monthly taxes have to be understood. Best quick option to be legal and then start setting up a business to earn oe to look for additional jobs within EU.

Few updates : July 2018 :

Poland no longer allows to submit an application for even a temporary residence permit if you arrive on a visitor visa. You must first obtain a work permit, get a national D visa from Polish embassy and then come on this visa to be able to apply. There are exceptions for Ukaranians, Moldovans, Georgians, Belarusians and Armanians who have special privileges.

Lithuania now issues 6–12 month national visa D to non Eu Nationals who come to Lithuania and open a company and provide a business plan. You can start your business activity and submit Residence permit application after six months of operations. Not a bad program starting from some 5–6000 Euros to setup a qualifying company.

Portugal Golden visa by real estate investment- Now you are allowed to become a permanent resident after five years compared to previous requirement of six years. After six years you can submit Citizenship application if you have picked up basic Portuguese language.

Latvia Capital Share Investment Program ha seen successful cases. We currently represent a 50 years old successful company that is selling some shares and we have seen smooth process for the investors and family members given a five year residency approval. Total cost is around 95,000 Euros all inclusive for five years.

Latvia is also keen to allow Work permits to IT professionals. Companies like Accenture Latvia regularly bring in software developers from India.

Finland is keen on granting startup residency permits for Tech Companies. If you have experience in IT related business Finland is the place to go for startup. I have seen success for a few Indian clients. Good brand image if your company is in Finland. Cost is around 10–14k Euros to get a proper solution.

Malta PR program by investment is probably the best at this time. You can invest 250k Euros in a Government Bond for five years and get the. Obey back. In return you get a lifetime PR. Additional cost is Euro 65/70k Euro that you don’t get back. Still a really Sweet deal. This program is an exact replacement of the Hungarian bond program that existed till March 2017.

Vanuatu Citizenship by investment: Exciting new program starting from USD 125k. UK and Schengen visa on Arrival to its passport. Even UAE visa on arrival and Evisa for Australia. Sounds promising.

Keep visiting me. I will add some updates in August.

Still, I agree with some of the experts here that Canada is still your best choice to immigrate if you are under 35, highly educated with excellent English and 4–6 years of solid experience. It’s a fast and furious process as I like to call it.

In UAE my office can assist. But for Canada there are literally hundreds of consultants out there. One must choose wisely.

Original answer was ;

Most of the 26 Schengen States in Europe operate very similarly when it comes to granting Permanent Resident Status. Schengen states have visa free travel allowed to its temporary residents/permanent residents/citizens and that’s why third country nationals look for the cheapest options to obtain a legal residence permit in any one of the Schengen states. Usually, one must obtain a temporary residence permit based on one of the common scenarios ;

  1. Get a job offer from an employer who has taken special permission to hire third country national in a specific position.

2. Start a business in one of these countries or buy a running business or become a shareholder in a successful business.

3. Make a significant investment contribution ( in a Government based bond or other real estate or businesses ) Each of the Schengen states may have their own criteria

4. Come as a University student, complete your studies, get a job, get a work permit and gradually become permanent.

5. Get married to a Citizen of one of these states.

Initially, you are usually granted a one, two or three year residence permit based on one of the above noted factors. Such permits are extended based on similar conditions being maintained / performance of your business and tax contributions / job creation / employment extension etc.

Most of these countries will require a period of 5 years before you can apply for a Permanent Residency. Almost all countries require you to pass a national language test before they grant PR status.

Few exceptions have been seen in recent past ;

Some Schegnen states ( Hungary for example offered a Permanent Residence Status straightaway to investors who bought a Government bond worth Euro 300,000. This program ends March 31st 2017.

Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta offer various investment based options to buy your way into one of these countries.

The most popular ‘job based’ program in 2016/2017 has been Poland. Poland offers work & residence permit of up to 33 months to third country nationals via job offers in varied industries.

Therefore, the path to Permanent Residency is not easy or short. However, based on huge investments some countries do keep introducing shorter qualifying terms.

Some actual case studies :

A client that I have assisted in the recent past was based in Dubai and had a Used Cars Trading company. We were able to obtain a Lithuania residence permit for him and his wife as shareholders in a company. Soon after reaching Lithuania, client found contacts in Norway and Poland and stated two independent companies in both countries. He started to import cars into Lithuania, would repair/upgrade them in Lithuania as costs are much lower in some of the Baltic states, then export and sell them through his showroom in Norway and his Polish company. Approx. 6 months after these companies successfully demonstrated that business is being conducted and employment is created for locals, him and his wife were grated temporary residence in both these countries. Norway issued 3 year residence permit and Poland issued one year.

Similarly, those who manage to get a Polish residence permits by a job offer/business, can then move on to other Schengen states if they have the investment and management skills to start and run a business in one of these countries. Any of these countries, once you can prove that you are running / have invested in a successfully running business that meets the immigration criteria for the particular country, you can get a residence permit and then plan ahead to concentrate on becoming permanent in the country you most prefer to live in on longer terms basis.

( Note : You are allowed to open/buy/become a shareholder in any business in a Schengen state once you have a residence permit from any one of the Schengen states. Or rather I’d say it become easier to do so and manage this arrangement due to Schengen wide visa free travel that comes along with a resident permit in any of the schengen states, no matter the grounds for having one. )

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