After months of flat growth in rental properties, analysis of the latest CoreLogic data by shows house rents increased 2.4 per cent in 2018,

After a movie is made, what happens to the props, equipment, etc. that were purchased or built to make the film? I’d think that a company is hired to dispose of them. What really happens? I’d imagine the investors want their sunken costs back.

Funny story: when the first X-Men movie wrapped they held a charity auction and I bought the motorized wheelchair built for Professor Xavier. When it was time to make the sequel, they realized they had sold it and asked me to loan it to them. I rented it to Fox for both X-Men 2 and 3. The rent income they paid me totaled more than I had paid to buy the chair, which now occupies a place of honor in my home.

Update:  I finally sold the chair. Here was the catalog page from the auction.