Two separate real estate deals totaling more than $4 million have closed recently in broker and owner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bowen Realty.

What are some mind-blowing facts that sound like ‘BS’, but are actually true?

Once knew a guy whose life was straight out of the movies. I mean straight out of the movies.

  • Played pickup High School Athletics with guys who went to NBA, and NFL, but never joined any organized sports.
  • Saved a friend who had been shot, and thought he was just normal kid. Turned out the kids dad and mom belonged to a Covert International Organization, and were rich beyond the wildest dreams.
  • For saving son, they offered him to join organization, unlimited schooling, and allowed to ‘flourish’ in the underworld. Became known as the “Catalyst”.
  • He became an important cog at the age of 19. Was shot (grazed) himself at a craps game, and he became officially an “OG”; even though he was totally from the suburbs.
  • Sort of like this movie…
  • Became International “Fixer”, and too big for his britches. But didn’t know it yet. Could have just got out and flourished with Corporate America. Too big of an ego, and life too glamorous. Age 33
  • Dated more Government agents, models, Doctors, Attorneys, Engineers, and Scientists than 007 Himself.
  • Thought he was made of Teflon, invested heavy into Real Estate Boom, and brokered trade deals, of the Narco nature, with Russian, Mexican, and Black organized crime groups. Russians for connections. Mexicans for protections. And the Blacks groups, because that’s what he was. (small humor) Age 35[1]
  • At one point the Feds referred to him as a real life “Kyser Soze”. Sort of like this movie…..

With the world at his feet, we all know how this story ends right? Wrong. One of his team members decides he wants the shine, cuts back door deal with Russians, and all hell breaks loose. Russians find out group is not loyal, and demand a severance fee to remain breathing.

  • Sits in County Detention for 15 months waiting his fate. Life if he goes to trial, 20 years if he takes a plea bargain.
  • PLEADS GUILTY to all charges and accepts his fate. Too many people testifying against him to stand a chance. Fabulous life is now over. Goes to prison for life right? Wrong
  • Federal Laws change while in custody, and the “infighting” between his team allows the case to be too convoluted to lay down hammer. Government mad as hell. Switches head of organization to totally different guy, due to confusion. A lot of weird Iran/Contra stuff going on.
  • Attorney General sends out a letter 6 A.M in the morning to all AUSA (Assistant United States Attorneys) to give a reduction to Narcotics Traffickers. It is called “Minus Two” The subject of this answer is sentenced to 20 months. 20 Months.
  • Federal Government’s take? “Hey, no hard feelings right?! Take it easy
  • Definitely like this one….

This is Alifa. Bud Light Lime drinking Alifa. She is has been so happy to have her Dad back in her life, she tends to over indulge, but only when home and not driving.

Somethings in life you can’t make up. Nor would would you want to……

[1] Lies And Real Estate: Operation Wax House Comes To A Close