North Bali is the place to go for luxury real estate on a budget a smidgen under $900,000 get you when it comes to prime beachfront real estate in Sydney.

How can I vacation abroad on a strict budget and feel like I’m vacationing in luxury?

Depending on what your view of luxury is, Southeast Asia is a great place to live the high life on a low bankroll.

I used to rent out a two person beachside bungalow in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand for $7 a night. That’s $200 a month, good luck finding any property with that kind of real estate in North America. Let alone one with a 30 second walk to a the beach. Complete with crystal clear waters, warm sun rays, and kayak’s free for personal use (better than any apartment fitness centre). Keep in mind this is on an island that hails the biggest nightlife scene in all of Thailand, and is one of the most common in the world.

Want to take a weekend trip to another country? $20 will get you a flight to places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Phillipines. $80 can get you to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and India, to name a few.

Being international hotspots in a well travelled region, each country boasts a thriving scene for nightlife. Don’t be surprised to find great prices in a night out on the town. I’ll never forget a bar in Bali that had free beer from 5pm to 6pm, a mouth watering western style buffet for $5 from 6-9, then free spirits and mixed drinks from 9-10. Talk about a backpackers dream.

Buying power. In these countries, your $4 american dollars can get you a new shirt, a nice wallet, a round of drinks, a delicious meal, new sunglasses, a bed for the night, a motorcycle rental for the day, a surfboard to rent, and so many more things. In Canada it gets me a coffee and a doughnut.

I was able to travel Southeast Asia for over 6 months on just $3000 dollars. About $500 a month, or $125 a week. I didn’t have to cook a meal or do dishes in all that time, I rented a motorbike that took me wherever I needed to go, I didn’t need a job, and I had time to do whatever I wanted. I highly recommend anyone who thinks that travelling shouldn’t cost a fortune try it out and visit for themselves to see.