By now, you should have cleaned up your real estate portfolio. If you haven’t, in the hope that 2019 will fetch you better prices, please get real. Sell. Anything

How would you invest 10,000$?

After months or even years of continuous saving, you finally managed to put away 10 thousand dollars, congratulation. The question now is, what do you do with it? I’m sure you’ve realized by now that 10 grand is not a whole lot of money. To see how far it would get you, just factor it by your monthly budget. For most of us, in America, it probably wouldn’t last 4 months. So what now? How do you put that 10 thousand to work?

Some people will advise you to keep saving because 10 grand is not enough to make a difference. These people are full of shit. They either don’t have 10 grand of their own or have too much money where 10 grand doesn’t sound like much to them. Either way they’re not helping you with that statement, nor are they giving you a solution. Others might suggest the stock market. If they do, do yourself a favor and never talk to them again. Neither them or any stock market guru can guarantee you money on Wall-Street. Lastly, some might suggest using it as a down payment for a house. Buying a house is by far the worst idea of them all.

There however is one way to maximize your hard saved 10 grand that none have told you about. That little secret is REAL ESTATE. Yes, real estate. The rich invest in real estate and so should you, that is if you’re willing to do your homework like they do. By homework, i really mean pick up a book and read it. In this case these books are Flipping Houses For Dummies (For Dummies(Lifestyle)) or The Complete Guide to Flipping Properties by Steve Berges (2003-11-14),

House flipping is one of the most calculated type of investing you can get involved in. You can learn to leverage your 10 thousand dollars to qualify for a hard money loan down payment. Use that hard money loan to purchase an undervalued single family home in your area. After your purchase, use the left over money to rehab the property and put it back on the market. Sell it at a price higher than you spent to purchase and fix it, that is still reasonable for retail home buyers to be interested in and voila. Once you sale the house, you can make enough money to pay your loan, get your initial 10 thousand dollars back and make a significant return on investment t double or even triple your money, depending on how well you did your homework.

How would you invest 10,000$?