Eli Manning similarly broke real estate records when he sold his $3.55 million Hoboken, New Jersey, condo in April, the most expensive residential sale in that

When did Donald Trump lose your vote? What was your “Oh no” moment that made you change your opinion?

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As a fellow businessman, I was a Trump supporter at the start. I have long felt that businessmen know a lot about problem solving, creative solutions, organization and hard work. I have many ideas that would make American small business work better for almost zero cost. I thought that Trump’s business experience would similarly create a new wave of opportunity.

My business is as complex than his so I DO get it. I disclose that I would save a ton of money with Trump’s corporate tax where my taxes would drop from 35% to 15%.

Anyone can make it in Real Estate

I have actually made more money buying buildings for my business than I have running my business for 40 years. The real estate took a few hours a year and the business part` took 3,000 hours per year. Had I focused on real estate only, I would be worth 100 times more than I am today. No lie. But I wanted to do something that was socially significant. It is easy to succeed if the sole focus is profit.

Real Estate is like buying stocks. With inside information, you buy low, then sell high and make a lot of money. Great, but you haven’t created any additional value.

If you buy real estate at low prices because you understand your local market, you’re also no genius when you sell high. You lucked out on the timing. If you didn’t build, someone else would have because real estate is a known business. There are hundreds of books and programs that show real estate investors exactly what to do.

Trump had initial successes in NY when he bought in at the bottom. One building that cost him a million was later worth 500 million. But then he lost all that and more in Atlantic City, not because of bad investments but because of poor management. After stiffing all the NY banks and contractors, he now only puts his name on buildings and gets a fee for it. He ultimately failed in real estate but succeeded as a celebrity by making a bigger name for himself on The Apprentice for being mean: “You’re Fired.”

Then I listened to Trump speak

I listened to his policies, did a ton of research and realized he was totally going in the wrong direction. Instead of fixing horrible problems and creating jobs, he would not only do the exact opposite but create a series of intractable problems that wouldn’t get resolved in this Century, if ever. That bad. I could single handedly show how his policies would not only fail conceptually but that he as the operator would fail to make them work because he doesn’t understand operations. Government is all operations.

He lost almost a billion $ personally due to his operational failures. Yikes, keep out of politics because government is WAAAY more difficult to operate than a private business where at least as CEO you can make things happen. Not so in government. Compromise, listen and empathize endlessly; he is unable to do either.

His personal attacks on women and minorities are just window dressing compared to the damage he would cause in office. He demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of how to solve any of the problems he calls a disaster. I agree with many of the issues such as insufficient funding for VETS and job losses but he does not understand these issues well enough to solve them and his lack of knowledge will simply make them worse. Just cutting taxes as has been tried twice and failed twice is no solution.

I spent 4 hours per day responding to people to prevent the biggest disaster he’d cause since WWII. Even without his horrible position on women and minorities, he should lose on basic merit alone.

Please do your homework on this man who has no support from his own Party or any previous President for very good reasons. He is not an outsider with good ideas, he’s an insider with NO idea of what he’s stepped in. He has captured the heart of so many Americans for reasons I am trying to fathom.

I will respond to all of your comments.

A vision of the future

Watch the video and guess where we’ll be in ten years. Trump is trying to push us back into last century technology. We must be cautious about our future investments in oil, natural gas and even nuclear since many will soon be obsolete just how coal is now. I would benefit from Trump’s tax cut but overall our economy would be so crippled by Trump’s desire to focus on obsolete energy solutions that there would be massive loss of sales and jobs in my company.

Forward thinkers in real estate should look at a newer model for housing I discuss in this Answer.