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Do you believe that the president is actually as healthy as was said today in the press conference with his doctor?

I was honestly fine with everything up til the moment that I heard that President Donald Trump, while apparently 2 inches taller than me and appearing to be about 50–60 lbs heavier than me…weighs about 40 lbs less than me.

You know…I’m big, and while there’s a lot of muscle there, I freely admit that I’m not even close to being “lean”.

I know there are a lot of people comparing Trump to athletes, so, look at me. I’m 6′1″, 280lbs.

Now, look at Trump.

His doctor says he’s 6′3″, 239 lbs.

This is simply absolutely impossible. If I were 6′3″, I’d easily break the 300lbs barrier with my mass, and I look significantly slimmer than him.

My best guess? His weight is 339…they dropped 100 lbs. There simply is no physical way Trump weighs so much less than me, even if his height is exaggerated.

So, what’s happening? I don’t know. I just don’t. But, it absolutely casts doubt on every other thing we were told about Trump’s health. All of it. I don’t trust the cognitive test results, I don’t trust his blood pressure, none of it. I don’t understand how a medical professional can give such misinformation, but I can’t see an alternative explanation.