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How can I start a real estate business?

Excellent question! Most people find the idea of starting a career as a real estate investor intimidating due to their lack of knowledge of real estate. So the fact that you’re asking this question shows you’re already on your way to becoming a real estate investor! Here are the basic steps to start a real estate investing career:

1. Get the Right Education

The housing market is a vast one, and entering the business comes with a number of new terms that a real estate investor should be familiar with. And although it’s not obligatory to attend real estate classes or major in real estate, no successful property investors made it into the market without sufficient knowledge of the business. Therefore, you need to support yourself with the necessary knowledge of the different aspects of real estate investing.

There are many resources from which you can acquire this information such as books and websites (blogs, guides, and tips); you can even go further and find an experienced real estate investor to be your mentor! One of the great things about starting a career as a real estate investor is that you learn by doing.

2. Have a Business Plan

Real estate investing is just like starting any other career in which you can’t start on a whim without having a specific business plan in mind. A business plan is vital for any real estate investor, and one of the best advice you’ll get in the housing market is to start out small and plan, plan, plan! This step is especially important if you’re planning on becoming a real estate investor for the long term. In this case, you want to grow your real estate investment portfolio strategically, ensure you buy the best investment properties, follow the right investment strategy, and reduce the risks that come your way. You can’t guarantee all of this without a plan!

3. Understand the Housing Market

The housing market is the factor that makes you or breaks you! Before you buy your first investment property, you should ask yourself: “Is this a good time to start investing?” “Are the current investing market’s conditions in your favor to be buying or rather selling investment properties?” “What is the right price you should pay for an investment property?” You can only answer these questions when you understand the housing market.

The best way to understand the housing market is by conducting a real estate market analysis. The market analysis allows a real estate investor to determine the right investment properties and forecast the profitability and value of each property before he/she even makes a purchase. In addition, a comparative market analysis is another key to a successful real estate investing career as it allows you to compare a number of similar investment properties and determine which one is the most profitable.

4. Choose the Right Location

As a new real estate investor, one thing you would hear a lot is location, location, location! Location is, in fact, a factor that has a major influence on your investment. It determines supply and demand, rental income, occupancy and vacancy, appreciation, and much more. Thus, when buying your first investment property, make sure you strategically choose the best location instead of focusing only on finding the cheapest investment property.

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5. Establish the Appropriate Price for Rent

Making money is the main goal of every real estate investor. Therefore, the price you charge for renting out your investment property is an important factor to think carefully about, as it will affect your return on investment. On the one hand, charging too much might lead to not finding tenants and facing vacancy. On the other hand, charging too little would make it impossible to generate positive cash flow. To set up the rent, property investors take into account the property type, the features of the property, the location, and the average rent in the area.

6. Select Good Tenants

Good tenants are those who pay monthly rent on time, keep your rental property in a good condition, and follow the lease policies. The best way to filter out the bad tenants from the good ones is by going through a tenant screening process. The typical tenant screening process includes a background and credit checks, checking references, and conducting interview with potential renters.

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