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As a real estate agent, what do you struggle with the most when dealing with the digital space?

As a younger agent who entered the business when the internet was already very much a part of everyone’s real estate search, I don’t struggle particularly with the idea of people searching online. I know a lot of older agents resent the rise of sites like Zillow and complain that it has taken control away from agents. I don’t feel this way. I do struggle, however, with how to effectively set myself apart as an agent online. Most buyers start their real estate search online and are presented with hundreds of different agents as they go through their search. A lot of my clients come from sites like Zillow. They call to ask a question and at the end of our conversation decide to work with me. The challenge is, I think, explaining to someone why they should work with you as their agent and not call whatever agent pops up in front of them tomorrow when they hop back on Zillow.

The second challenge is establishing my own “space” on the internet as an agent. I currently pay quite a bit to advertise on Trulia and Zillow, but I’m starting to phase this out. However, I don’t think I have the time, money or energy necessary to do my own website correctly. How can a single agent possibly compete effectively against Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and other behemoths that have developed excellent SEO? Even if I did spend tens of thousands on SEO, would I ever appear high enough to be effective? One solution to this problem, and a goal of mine for this year, is to have more listings to advertise and to “feature” them on sites like Zillow so I am the only agent appearing, as opposed to one of four.

The final challenge is how to best send properties to my clients. The MLS is the most accurate, and I can set up auto-emails to alert me and my clients when new properties hit the market. However, the MLS tends to be clunky and less visually appealing. Zillow is more visually appealing and fun to search on, but is filled with inaccurate listings and even fraudulent ones. Realsavvy in Austin is trying to bridge this gap but it’s not there yet.

I hope this helps! Feel free to give me more information, I’m not sure I answered exactly the question you were asking. Please feel free to send me a message here on Quora or on myZillow Profile. I’d love to connect.