However, the other kinds of real estate software in the market fulfill other specific needs, such as compliance with changing lease accounting regulations,

How can Quora help Realtors enhance their real estate business?

How many times has someone asked you a question, and you knew the answer . . . but you couldn’t really explain it? I guess you really didn’t know the answer all that well after all. Maybe you’d better do some research, and in the process get the right answer into your list of resources. That will make you a better agent, which will over time will improve your reputation, and enhance your business. When someone asks a question here, you have the opportunity to find out how much you know . . . by trying to prove it to someone else. By extension, you have to opportunity to find out how much you don’t know, which brings me to my next point.

How many times has someone asked you a question,  and you really had no clue what that answer was? Please tell me you didn’t punt, or, worse, make up something on the spot. Time to research again. Ask the question yourself of the experts, and see what they have to say. The “right” answers will float to the top pretty readily, and you’ll know the truth when you feel it. Notice who provided the answer, and hang with him or her. Pretend you are being mentored; you never know when pearls of wisdom might be dispensed. Any one of those pearls could be the idea that triggers your own greatest idea for building your business.

Even if you don’t have a specific question, kick around the site a bit. Take a look at the questions. I’ll bet there are a few that you can’t answer, or you’d just like to get others’ take on. Follow the question, and wait for the answers to appear. You never know how the answers might affect your own thinking, or which might slap you with a giant “AHA!” moment. Put THAT to work, and your business cannot be helped but be enhanced.

Real estate can be a pretty individualized and potentially lonely business, but it can be positively dreary if you never have the chance to talk about the business of real estate to others in the business. Some folks would use a circle of associates and colleagues for commiseration, but it is better if you can build a network of supporters and encouragers. Those folks tend to become referrers whenever they can, and that will certainly enhance your business.

Finally, never discount that your future client might be lurking about behind the scenes . . . not answering questions, but seeing who does. We real estate brokers have done a bang up job finding ways to scare prospective clients away, but those folks who need our help generally know it, and would prefer to keep that secret to themselves until the last possible moment. Expose yourself, and be there — or here — for them when they are ready to say, “OK, I’m ready now.”