“You get to paint the walls the color you want,” said Christopher J. Mayer, co-director of the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate at Columbia Business School.

Would you rather live in 1968 or in 2068?

1968 cons:

  • Hippies and Trotskyists everywhere
  • If not above, must endure formal wear all the time
  • Constant fear of Nuclear annihilation and/ or CIA/ KGB coup happening
  • No Black Metal for 20 some years….

1968 pros:

  • Enjoy the beautiful pre-Urban sprawl world
  • Going to the cinema for (as far as I’ve heard) cheap
  • Get to see the Stooges, the Velvet Underground, MC5 live
  • Have good enough time to prepare for London 1976 and Punk
  • Travelling to a pre-salafied/ mullahfied Middle East and avoid conflicts
  • Reasonable real-estate prices

2068 cons:

  • Impossible to log off our cyber-connected lives
  • Collapse of the natural world
  • Only way of life left is that of sprawling urban decadence
  • People can only afford to live in drawer-sized apartments anymore

2068 pros:

  • Either enjoys Mars terraforming,
  • Or Medieval-style Mad-maxing (both are street credible enough)
  • Flying cars by then, pretty please?
  • Gene-editing terrible diseases
  • And, finally: