A slowdown of the real estate market isn’t unusual this time of the year. The changing seasons, and back to school routine and upcoming holidays are a time

If you had to decide between living in Atlanta, GA or Charlotte, NC (as a young, single African-American woman) which would you choose? Why?

Good question, and a tough one to answer.

I just returned from Atlanta today and as I always am when I visit Atlanta I am amazed about how horrible the traffic is. It seems to increase by an order of magnitude every couple of years. It is a city that is growing so much it cannot build infrastructure fast enough to sustain the growth. Atlanta has sprawled so much over the past few decades that perhap one-half of the state of Georgia’s population lives in the “greater Atlanta metropolitan area.”

Charlotte is a much smaller and more manageable city in which to live, although it, too, has its growing pains.

I used to live in New Orleans, and I always thought Atlanta was a city without character, history or interest compared with New Orleans.

But today I have to say that Atlanta has become THE great regional center of the South, far surpassing any other city in terms of cultural interest, its economy of course, in business, in recreation and restaurants, transportation, real estate, political importance and in so many other ways.

Charlotte is very much a second-tier Southern city, when compared with Atlanta. It’s population is barely one-fourth of that of Atlanta. Is is at least 30 to 50 years behind Atlanta in most ways.

Think of Atlanta as the South’s New York City. Charlotte is a Hartford or a Providence compared to Atlanta.

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.

If you can make it in Atlanta, you can make it anywhere in the South.